TT Training Academy on a Mission to Support Mental Health with BMF


by Suzanne Skeete, Managing Director of TT Training Academy
3 September 2019

Workplace mental health and wellbeing is moving up the corporate agenda. Businesses now recognise there are tangible benefits in looking after their most important asset – their staff. By providing health and wellbeing services in the workplace they can help to lower absence rates, increase productivity and improve employee engagement.

With the Office for National Statistics reporting more suicides in construction than any other profession, now is the time for every organisation to take a proactive approach to their mental health provisions.

These statistics show that over a 5 year period, to the end of 2015, 1,409 men and 10 women committed suicide within the construction industry. In fact the number of suicides in construction are now six times higher than deaths from falls from height.

To help tackle the rising number of people struggling with their mental health, TT Training Academy has been assigned to support the BMF and all its members. They have already successfully trained staff within the BMF (pictured), who now have First Aid Champions in place to support those struggling with mental health issues.

TT Training Academy have a proven track record of delivering outstanding Mental Health training. Their team of exceptional trainers and counsellors come with a wealth of experience, delivering Mental Health and Resilience training; as well as extensive 1-2-1 support to those that have additional needs. In fact, their Managing Director Suzanne Skeete has made it her mission to raise awareness for the extensive Mental Health issues people are facing every day. She is often called upon for her expertise to discuss these issues for National News and media, such as ITV and BBC National News.

They will be delivering a professional 1 day First Aid Mental Health Training to any member of the BMF and their staff. This course has been approved by the National Counselling Society and is designed to provide a greater First Aid Mental Health Champions.

In addition, they are also providing Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing days to our members. This one-day course is devised of 6 interactive workshops, designed to provide a greater awareness of mental health issues; and the importance of our own mental wellbeing.The day provides practical strategies and tools to bolster mental, emotional and physical resilience. This course is recommended to every member of staff in any organisation.

Suzanne Skeete, Managing Director of TT Training Academy, says: “We are extremely passionate about organisations getting proactive to increase their Mental Health awareness and have the necessary support in place to ensure that those struggling get all the help that they need. We are thrilled to be working with the BMF and all of its members in providing professional Mental Health Training and Support. Together we can make such a difference within an industry that has one of the highest rates of suicide in the UK.” For more information please visit or contact Suzanne Skeete at or call 07507 228319.

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