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Introducing our new CD

We are very proud to introduce to you our 1st ever Tappy Twins CD.  The Tappy Twins Journey to Tappy Town. 

It allows children to control how they are feeling and helps them “FEEL GOOD FAST”. A must for any child!


Tappy-CD-cover-back (1)


A special thank you goes out to Nick Thomas, Erin Skeete, Peter Thornton and The Den Recording Studios for all of your amazing work in the production of bringing this CD. I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

For those parents or teachers who want to purchase the Journey to Tappy Town, it is available from our lovely shop keeper Alice in the shop of the site.  





Meet our lovely Shop Keeper and News Stand Owner


A warm welcome to Alice, Tappy Town’s lovely shop keeper. She will help you find what you want in the store and is always there for a good chat if you fancy one.

Shop keeper


And not forgetting Peter our fab News Stand Owner. He loves keeping you all up to date with what is happening in Tappy Town. There is no one in the town he does not know about. His daily blogs keep everyone up to date with everything that is going on. He hopes you like them!! Please leave your comments so he can make them even better for you.

News stand owner

Our latest Tappy Town residents

Hi everyone here are our latest editions to Tappy Town.
Here is our lovely teacher Miss Tappington. She welcomes all the children new to Tappy Town and makes them feel at home with the other children. She also teaches all the children the art of Tapping and how they can use it as their own secret weapon to help them “feel good fast”



Not forgetting our lovely Amy the Usher for the cinema. She helps visitors, to the cinema, get to see what they want to. She is never happier than making all her visitors welcome serving them with popcorn and drinks.

Usher - cinema (1)

Let us know what you think by leaving your comments here!


Here is the Latest News From Tappy Town

Here is the latest news from Tappy Town with Erin our fabulous newsreader. Please enjoy and leave your comments on our blog.



Meet Wiggy the Wizard

Here is our oldest member of Tappy Town. He is our magical wizard who looks over the residents of the town and makes sure that everyone is happy and safe. 

Hope you like him!!


OK Everyone, Here is Farmer Travis and Mrs Travis.

We are thrilled for you to meet the latest in the Tappy Town’s residents, Farmer Travis and his lovely wife Mrs Travis. I know the town is giving them a warm welcome as we speak. Please let me know your thoughts about our new characters. They will seen in Tappy Town very very soon, along with their dog Charlie and their main cow Betty.

Mrs Travis - farmers wife Farmer Travis

Our Competition Winners illustrations

I am thrilled to introduce Betty the Cow designed by Alice our competition winner

Betty the cow


and Arthur the Librarian designed by Kelsie another one of our amazing competition winners

We hope you are happy with what we have done with your pictures. We think they look fab!!

Please let us know what you think.

Arthur librarian













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