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The Latest Breaking news of our new CD Introduction to Tappy Town

Introduction to Tappy Town CD

Our New CD called the Introduction to Tappy Town sounds fantastic. I am so excited it will be hitting a store near you very soon. Watch this space for it to be made available for you all. A huge thank you to everyone involved including Chris from Den Studios, Peter, Nick and Erin for helping to make this happen.


Cyberbullying: there is a way out!

For those people who feel they have no release and escape from cyberbullying. There is absolutely a way out. Bullies are weak and need to be stopped. Do your bit today!!!

Tappy Twins supports a new young mums magazine

Tappy Twins supports a new young mums magazine. They do a fantastic job in keeping young mums up to date with support and guidance.

Keep up the fantastic work Kim!!

Welcome home to Thomas and Trudy Taylor

A warm welcome

A warm welcome home from the residents of Tappy Town. Tilly and Toby have missed their mum and dad and are so excited to have you back home again.

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Welcome to the 1st Ever Tappy Twins News

Welcome to the 1st Ever Tappy Twins News

With our special News Broadcasters Emily Corfield and Erin Skeete

Here are our Tappy Twins news broadcasters in their 3 part 1st ever edition of the news reporting for Tappy Town. We are very proud of them. Please show your support to Erin and Emily and watch all 3 of them, as this has been done completely by them! Well done girls!!

Competition Winners

breaking news

A huge number of people entered our writing and drawing competition. After sitting down and reading all the stories, poems and admiring all the amazing pictures, Tappy Twins can announce our fantastic winners.

Our Top Story winners are:

Erin Age 11 from Birmingham
Anda Age 9 from Solihull
Jacob Age 8 from Wolverhampton

Our Top Picture Winners are:

Jenny Age 11 from Macclesfield
Alice Age 9 from Bridgnorth
Kelsie age 9 from Solihull

Our Winner for the best Poem goes to:

Louise Age 8 from Birmingham

A huge thank you to everyone that took part. You are all absolute stars!!
All winning entries will be in our library very soon for you all to see.

How to Avoid Cyber Bullying

Here are our top 10 tips on how to protect yourself from cyber bullies:

  1. Never post personal information.
  2. Always check the TO: field.
  3. Don’t believe everything you read.
  4. Don’t reply angrily to someone who sends you an angry message.
  5. Never open messages from strangers.
  6. Don’t forward chain mails, hoaxes or long emails.
  7. Use the BCC: field when forwarding messages.
  8. Make sure you read your messages through before you send them so that you are happy with the content.
  9. Beware of certain topics. If you feel uncomfortable don’t post or respond to anyone else’s messages.
  10. Don’t post anything that is very private.