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Community Community Trademark in the bag!!!!!

I am so happy to say that our European Community Trademark  for Tappy Twins has just come through in the post today. It has taken quite a while but now we have protection in 26 countries. How cool is that!!!!! MarchiComunitari-Ok

Tappy Twins goes to Chilwell Croft Academy and we have a fab day!

Tappy Twins goes to Chilwell Croft Academy and we have a fab day!

Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome today. I really hope you enjoyed the session. Personally I have no voice left from all the shouting of positive statements we did. Don’t forget you get your own secret weapon next week. I can’t wait to deliver the sessions with the lovely Lorraine. Remember make yourself and me proud!! Feel free to use the site and contact me via the worry windmill any time.

For now though I think I earn’t a bit of a nap.



What inspires you and makes you happy?

Lukas’s dancing inspires me and makes me smile every time. What inspires you and makes you happy?

If you know what makes you happy, use it to help you feel better; when you don’t feel at your best. Things that affect you are called anchors and can help you control how you feel any time you want.  For example, put your ipod on shuffle and sit and listen to the songs that come up. Your mood will be affected to by what you listen to. It may make you happy, calm or sad for instance. Create yourself a happy and a calm playlist for the future. That way you can feel either of these by simply putting on the songs you selected.  Sounds good –  then give it a go and let us know how you get on!!

Nobody Likes a Bully – How to Stop Bullying in Schools

Nobody Likes a Bully is a life like story of bullying from different perspectives.  The bullying stories in this film are examples on how to deal with bullies and stop them in their tracks. Do not accept it and do not bully others. Please share this video to help bullying in our schools.


A massive congratulations to all my year 11 students

A massive congratulations to all my year 11 students. Well you all made it through and there is no more school for you for the summer. I am so very proud of each and everyone of you. Remember I am always here if you need anything.Enjoy your summer!!