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A true inspirational story to touch the heart of other young people. A journey of a 15 year old – Not Giving In

A beautiful story about a beautiful girl who never gave in. I am soo very proud of you and what you have achieved. Thank you for sharing your story with us. A true inspirational story to touch the heart of other young people. 

Not Giving In
tumblr_mu6vhdRyxz1sd04ato1_500My story does not really have an ending or even a beginning that I can remember. One thing I am certain about is that I have been on a journey. But not a journey with an easy path or route, not a journey where the destination was clear, not a journey that I thought I would finish…

This year for me has been so mentally, physically and emotionally draining. At times I felt the life and energy being sucked out of me. I used to say that I was a guinea pig in a very harsh experiment and I’ll tell you the reason why. Multiple things were being thrown at me without any mercy. For me it was hard to see beyond this. You know the overused quote, ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’, but after waiting some time for this ‘light’ to appear, I started to believe that the light coming was from a train travelling at a high speed towards me (which is meant to be metaphorical for my life at this point).

There were times where I was surrounded by so many people who loved and cared for me but still I felt lonely. This affected me greatly. I started to curl up into my own shell. Socially I was now awkward which was never the case. I could talk but i did not want to speak. I was stuck. I felt like I was screaming but no one could hear. Life at this point just became a routine like no real depth to it – eat, rest, music, sleep etc. I did everything because I had to. If it was up to me I would have been mute for a while and listened to Bastille on replay. I found it difficult to be happy and bubbly all the time. I felt like I had to be like this in order to make people around me happier, not myself.

I tried to help myself out after realising I needed help. But it was not easy. I talked and talked about my problems. I became tired of talking and I wanted to actually do something.

I’m not saying it was easy for me because I still go through it now. During this year I was quite paranoid and I took everything seriously…even a joke. I felt like people were talking down to me and were doubting my ability as a student, which really affected my mood even more. Even when doing my exams, I felt as though people thought that I was going to fail. I received my GCSE results recently and I was so surprised. The reason for this was because I implanted in my brain that I was a failure. It’s mind over matter. And this time the matter overcame my mind.

This year was crazy and I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget how supportive my family are. I’ll never forget the amazing friends I have. I’ll never forget how understanding and caring my teachers were. I’ll never forgot how i’ve reached this point in my journey. The lessons I have learnt cannot be taught in some poxy PSHE lesson. These are life lessons. I feel more wiser. You do not have to reach the end of your journey or the top of your mountain to feel like you’ve accomplished something. Every now and again I look back. It’s experiences like this that kept me alive, not literally but you understand. Life is what you make it. I’ve had a difficult year but would I describe this year as a mistake – No.

I have struggled for a year now and I still am. I was blind to how many people wanted to help me. I did not want their help because I could not help myself. I can’t really put a medical label on it.

I have achieved so much. It’s completely normal to praise one’s self. I am proud that even after all those sleepless nights and tears, I was able to overcome my biggest fear which was failure. Whether I failed on results day or not. I am not a failure. A bunch of grades on a piece of paper does not determine my self worth. Maybe in this society but not in my world.

So I say it again. My story does not really have an ending or even a beginning that I can remember. One thing I am certain about is that I have been on a journey…and it has not yet ended…

– Anonymous

Our Brand New Positive Affirmation Game has Arrived

Tappy Twins Positive Affirmation Game

We are so proud of our new Affirmation game that has been designed to help boost the confidence of all children. Here are just a few of the characters and affirmations for you to get a taste of what it looks like.

A huge thank you goes out to our amazing Lorraine – fab job!!



Specially designed with children in mind, this 3 in 1 Affirmation Game, gives all children a ‘leg up’ with a dose of self-esteem in the form of affirmations for kids; whilst having fun and improving their memory skills – specially designed with children in mind either playing alone or with others. Only £5.99

A huge congratulations to my girls at Aston Manor

A huge Congratulations to all my lovely girls at Aston Manor.
Well today was D day for you and the results are now in. I am so very proud of each and everyone of you. Many of you have been on a very difficult journey, which you have overcome. Look at you now great results and a wonderfully bright future ahead of you.
Remember what I taught you in class:
“What you see in your mind, you will hold in your hands”
Today you have just done that.
Well done everyone at Aston and every other school go and celebrate!!!



Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Taken

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How To Make New Friends When You Go To Secondary School

 How To Make Friends At Secondary School

Time to start your new school is just a couple of weeks away now. Some of you will feel excited, others will feel a little worried about starting your new school. We can guarantee that you are not alone in how you are feeling. It is normal for you to feel a little unsure about whether you will fit in, what will everyone else be like.  

Ask the Kids asked the children at Whitton School in London for their top tips on making friends when you start secondary school.

A Levels – What are your options?

Hopefully you have got the A level results that you were wanting. If you did then a huge congratulations.

However, if you didn’t get the grades you were expecting or needed, what are you going to do about it. Don’t worry if you did not get the results that you needed there are always options for you. Here are a few for you to consider:



  • Appeal
    If you feel that your paper has been marked incorrectly by the examiner, you can always ask for an appeal. The thing to consider here is that only you know if you put the work in and if this is the right avenue for you to take.
  • Resits
    You can always decide to take your exams again, especially if you were ill, panicked in the exam, or just didn’t work hard enough.
  • Clearing
    If you wanted to go to university or college, but didn’t get the grades, it may still be possible to find a similar course with lower entry requirements. This is known as the Clearing process. Look for courses listed in the newspapers or visit the UCAS website for Scotland.
  • Alternative qualifications
    Study for BTECs, or NVQs, or train with modern apprenticeships or City and Guilds. It’s best to chat with someone at your local careers service. As well as being recognised by employers, some qualifications can count towards your points needed to get into university.
  • Gap year
    Take some time out to work, travel, teach, learn a new language, or volunteer. 
  • Get a job
    This will allow you to get some cash coming in while you decide on your next move. You may even want to consider it as the first rung on your career ladder.



Don’t Believe Everything You See in the Media

Don’t Judge Yourself By What You Think You See in the Media

Most of the people you will see on TV or in a magazine do not look like they do in the media. The have more than likely been plastered with make up and photoshopped to look “more beautiful”, even thinner, have longer legs, skinnier waist etc.

Remember that  you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Stand up and be proud of who you are, rather than what the media tells you you should look like.!!!

If you feel you are struggling with the belief that you are perfect the way you are, please visit the worry windmill, where we are always here to help you “feel good fast”

New Summer Holiday Competition Starts Now!!


With the success of previous competitions, we have decided to have another one for the summer. If you have ever wanted to become your own cartoon character then this is the right one for you. 

Simply send us a drawing of yourself, preferably coloured in, and the top boy and girl entry will be sent to our Tappy Illustrators for them to be made into their very own characters. 

Good luck. The date of closure is 10th September. We can’t wait to judge them!!

As a reminder here is the last competition winner’s entry who successfully became the librarian of Tappy Town



Check out the B-Boy Championships

I have never seen B-Boy dancing like it. Check it out!!!

Tappy Twins Meet Chloe Lukasiak

Last Friday Tappy Twins went to meet the lovely and talented Chloe Lukasiak from the hit program Dance Moms. After a long and tiring journey we were able to meet Chloe and have lots of questions about Dance Moms answered. She was so lovely and comes across as a perfect role model for any young person. Not only is she a dedicated dancer but she but is like any other girl of her age. She has full time school, the same amount of homework as everyone else; as well as chores at home to do. On top of all that she has to travel across the world and has a hectic schedule with her dancing and events. 

She told us that she lives a normal life as well as the extraordinary, that comes with being in the public eye. In fact one of her old teachers did not even know she was a very famous dancer. What I liked about Chloe is that her feet are firmly on the floor, she has not been taken away by the hype of being famous. 

We are looking forward to continuing to follow you amazing career Chloe. Thanks for making us at Tappy Twins all feel welcome.