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My Body Belongs To Me

MY Body Belongs to Me Always

Please spread this far and wide. We made it with the sole intent of creating the missing tool for educating children, for parents and educators. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by their 18th birthday. We can change that. 93% of the abuse is someone known to the child and not a stranger so keep that in mind when you talk to your kids.

The Absolute Video Guide For Kids – How to stay Safe

Watch this on great tips to stay safe from strangers.

This video was made to help kids stay safe. Keeping kids safe means teaching them what to do when riding their bikes, when home alone, on
the internet, dealing with a bully or, how to act when approached by a


Stay safe always.

So happy with our amazing testimonial. Check it out.

I am so happy with our fantastic testimonial  from Miss Sweeney at Aston Manor Academy. I feel so blessed to be doing what I do and this is just the icing on the cake.  Thank you and see you next week.



“Suzanne is now in her second year of working with Aston Manor Academy and has been a fantastic support for our young people as well as our staff.  Many of our young people have issues outside of school that they find tough to deal with and this undoubtedly has an impact on their learning in the classroom.  Suzanne manages to provide strategies for our young people to enable them to cope with the issues they are experiencing outside of school and help them to be successful, in fact there are a number of students who I feel would have failed Year 11 without Suzanne’s help and support. 

I have had students come up to me in the corridor and thank me for bringing Suzanne into school as her sessions have helped them so much.  Suzanne has also liaised with staff in a very professional manner and communicates issues to the pastoral team so that we can then all work together to support the young person.  Aston Manor Academy highly values Suzanne’s input and so do our students, I don’t know what we would do without her and cannot recommend her services highly enough.”


J Sweeney


Deputy Headteacher

For those little one’s starting or settling in to schools

Dear Teacher
I know you’re rather busy
First day back, there’s just no time
A whole new class of little ones
And this one here is mine
I’m sure you have things covered
And have done this lots before
But my boy is very little
He hasn’t long turned four
In his uniform this morning
He looked so tall and steady
But now beside your great big school
I’m not quite sure he’s ready
Do you help them eat their lunch?
Are you quick to soothe their fears?
And if he falls and hurts his knee
Will someone dry his tears?
And what if no-one plays with him?
What if someone’s mean?
What if two kids have a fight
And he’s caught in between?
You’re right, I have to leave now
It’s time for him to go
I’m sure he’ll learn so much from you
Things that I don’t know
Yes, I’m sure they settle quickly
That he’s fine now without me
I know he has to go to school
It’s just so fast, you see
It seems like just a blink ago
I first held him in my arms
It’s been my job to love, to teach
To keep him safe from harm
So, when I wave goodbye in a moment
And he turns to walk inside
Forgive me if I crumple
Into tears of loss and pride
I know as I give him one more kiss
And watch him walk away,
That he’ll never again be wholly mine
As he was before today.

Dear Parent,
I understand that you are scared
to wave your child goodbye
and leave him in a teacher’s hands
don’t worry if you cry!

I’m used to weeping parents
It’s hard to leave I know.
But it’s time to share him (just a bit)
To help him learn and grow.

Let me reassure you
That I’ll give your child my best
I’ll wipe his tears, soothe his fears
And change his dirty vest!

If your darling child is full of cold
I’ll blow their nose all day
Just like you, I’ll care for them
In a special way.

I’ll treat him like I would my own
I’ll catch him from a fall and
If there is ANY problem
I’ll be sure to tell you all.

It’s true he’ll grow to love us
They’ll talk of school a lot
It doesn’t mean they hate you
And that you should lose the plot!

I’ll tell you a secret..
That when your child is here
They talk to me as much of you
Of this please have no fear.

You’ll always be their mother
Whilst teachers come and go
To them you are their number one
This I truly know.

Soon you’ll see some changes
In your little girl or boy
They’ll become more independent
And to see this, it’s a joy!

I’ll teach them all I have to give
To share, climb and to write
But to you they safely will return
To tuck them in at night.

With love from a teacher…

By Emma Robinson and Leonie Roberts

Please join me in welcoming our latest member of the Tappy Team

Please join me in welcoming our latest member of the Tappy Team

We have held out for Sally for so long now but thankfully she is now part of the Tappy Twins Family.
She is amazing at what she does and will bring so much to Tappy Twins- we are so lucky to have her.
A huge welcome Sally.

To help you settle back into school

 To help you all settle back into school school Here are some tips from a story called ‘Only one you’ by Linda Kranz • Always be on the lookout for a new friend • Look for beauty wherever you are and keep the memory of it with you • Blend in when you need to, stand out [for positive reasons] when you have the chance • Find your own way, you don’t have to follow the crowd • Know when to speak; know when to listen • If you make a wrong turn, circle back • If something gets in your way, move around it • Set aside some quiet time to relax and reflect every day


I can do anything at all I can climb the highest mountain I can feel the ocean calling wild and free I can be anything I want With this hope to drive me onward If I can just believe in me

A welcome home to Tilly and Toby

Today I have collected our new Tilly and Toby from a very talented Lisa Malkin, who has made them by hand. Here is their journey today. I am pleased to say they have settled into their new home very nicely and are very much  looking forward to working with the children.

Here they are getting their birth certificates registered.  Getting a cold drink at the Holiday Inn in Stafford on the way home. Chillin on the sofa with our mum. Then finally home sweet home.




Let’s look at a positive story for a change – please read

One amazing and incredibly brave young lady



In the midst of the media showing so many sad and horrible cases of grown ups hurting children and getting away with it and teenagers thinking it is ok to hurt animals for fun. and of course not forgetting conflict and wars; I thought I would share the story of one amazing young lady. Now I realise you don’t know her but I wanted to share some good news, whilst giving others hope that with help they can achieve and overcome anything.

I will call her Sarah (to protect her identity) but she knows who she is and what an amazing journey she has come on. Over the past few years she has struggled with a severe phobia of leaving her home in case she was sick. It had got so bad that she was rarely at school in the last term of last year. She felt isolated and upset but couldn’t overcome how she felt when she tried to get ready to go out. She would get stomach pains and feels sick. To say this ruled her life is an understatement. 

Over the past few months we have been working together, using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, to overcome her fear and allow her the freedom to be who she deserves to be. She has taken both baby steps and giant leaps during this time, with some highs and lows.

This morning I waited to see how she got on on her 1st day back at school. I am so very proud to say that today she has gone to school and spent time with her friends and settling into her new class.

Sarah you know who you are. I think you are truly an amazing young lady and proof to anyone that you can achieve anything you want to.

To me this means more than hearing bad news all the time. So I thought I would share this with you all instead.