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Have You Been Affected by Bullying?

Bullying facts/stats


69% of young people experience bullying before their 18th birthday.

60% of people bullied because of appearance

30% said that bullying has had a huge impact on their social lives

38% said that bullying has had a

huge impact on their self esteem

25% young people have had suicidal thoughts because of bullying

A huge congratulations to the gorgeous trio.

Today, I am pleased to have certified Nia Roberts, Diane Leopard and Beverly Hemmings. They are now EFT Master Practitioners al based in Stoke on Trent. Check them out if you are in their area as they have fantastic skills and techniques. 

Thanks ladies for an amazing course. I am looking forward to you all working with Tappy in the near future. 


A True Inspiration for Young People Suffering from Illnesses

Staffordshire University graduate wins craft award for her contemporary jewellery
By The Sentinel | Posted: October 22, 2014


CONTEMPORARY jeweller Libby Ward has won the title of ‘best emerging maker’ at a prestigious craft fair.
The 23-year-old, who recently graduated from Staffordshire University with a degree in 3D design, makes rings, necklaces and broaches.
Now her pieces have earned her recognition at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester.
Libby, from Baddeley Green, said: “I like to work with organic textures. For me, it is a very therapeutic process that helps me with my multiple sclerosis.
“It was just amazing to win the award. This year has been a great year for crafts, so I was just in a bit of shock when they told me.
“I am hoping this will help give my work that step-up and people will notice that my jewellery has been widely recognised.”


2 More Become EFT Master Practitioners With Tappy Twins

I am so proud to announce our latest 2 qualified AMT accredited EFT Master Practitioner. Abby and Shelley have worked so hard and I would like to congratulate them both on their achievements. I know both will use their skills straight away to help others.