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A lovely card and gift

A huge thank you for Bec (Bec Broomhall Arts) for my lovely card and Kirsty (The Chilly Shed) for my amazing necklace – both of you are amazingly talented; and I know you will go far. Make sure you have fun along the way. It has been a pleasure working with you and please stay in touch. 


Watch this before you self harm

If your are thinking of self harming, please watch this 1st. For anyone self harming already, we are here to help.

Stay Safe!


Thanks for this truthful film Ginger.

Check out our latest Resident of Tappy Town

Here is Zain, our latest character of Tappy Town. He can be seen soon in the town by the bus.
Hope you like him Zain (you know who you are). I am so very proud of your progress and you are a pleasure to work with.
Send me a message via the Windmill Zain and let me know what you think. I hope you like it.


Our Competition Winners

It has been really hard to decide our 2 winners for the latest Picture competition. Our decision has been made and here they are. We hope you like them. The winners will now be made into illustrations and join everyone in Tappy Town. 



Success story – well done Cairan!

So proud of Cairan for not only smashing his A levels but now he is at the University of his choice.
Thank you so much for my lovely card and gift. It was my pleasure to help.



Great Day at Chilwell Croft Academy

Thanks to everyone at Chilwell as always. We have been running a competition for the best 2 pictures drawn, then the winners will become their very own character in the town. I have reduced huge pile of amazing pictures but now I can’t decide. Please let me know which is your favourite.



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