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Another great day for Tappy Twins

images A busy morning. Our lovely Lorraine gets another school for Tappy Twins in Surrey, with another one  booked in for this afternoon. Whilst I got to spend time with Birmingham’s Family Support Unit. I am  thrilled to be working with them now and look forward to helping many more children as a result.

Tappy Twins coming to a school near you now!!

What a fantastic day I have had today

How many of us can say we do exactly what we want to do for a living?Well looking at my babies in 3 different schools today, I am blessed to be one of them.

A mixed start to the day my final appointment with amazing Chloe who is now back in school full time after so long being scared of leaving the house. I was sad to say goodbye but so immensely proud that she has overcome her fears and is enjoying being back with her friends in school. She knows me so well and got me some chocolate and this beautiful picture. Chloe every time I look at this it will remind me of you – thank goodness I didn’t open it in school as it made me cry.

Not forgetting you will always be in Tappy Town as 1 of our 1st characters to go into the town. Enjoy your life from here Chloe and catch up on all the things you missed.

Then a chance to catch up with my lovely little ones a Chilwell. I got to spend lunch with them all. Finally seeing my fab girls at Aston Manor.

I am so very very proud of you all.



New Characters – what do you think?

In memory of my gorgeous cat here is her character for Tappy Twins. Also Kaled our latest competition winner. It will be great to see your A Journey From Bariatric Surgery To Bodybuilding | Lyss Remaly Transformation Story exercises for the shoulders with dumbbells science of growth, hypertrophy and building muscle w/ brad schoenfeld – 289 thoughts about them as always.

Maisy Kaled

Please help urgent appeal for a missing 14 year old

Please share this message on your social media.


Watch out for 14 year old Shania Bailey. She has been missing since last Saturday morning and is from Aston Manor Academy, which is one of my schools.

Shania Bailey was last seen at a bus stop in West Bromwich at 8.30am on Saturday and had been due at school that morning for musical rehearsals.

But the teenager, from Farm End Close, West Bromwich, has not been since and her family and police have issued an urgent appeal for her whereabouts.

Everyone is so worried for her safety. Shania if you read this please go home immediately or get in contact so we can help keep you safe.

If you see her please call 101 immediately.

If you are not moved by this amazing yet sad poem, what can I say!

I thank Alisha for allowing me to share this amazing yet sad poem. You are an amazing young lady that has been through a terrible time for over 4 years. Remember you are never alone and you deserve the best!

That goes for the rest of you out there as well – never forget it!!!!!


EFT on Channel 5 News

EFT seen on Channel 5 News looking at how it works and curing Julie the presenter of her fear of Spiders. You won’t believe what she does in such a short time.

Check out the hair!!

This is for you Chloe for being so very brave and pushing yourself to all classes this week. You are amazing. Loved having my hair sprayed green like yours. Keep going!!




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