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The lovely Wendy joins Sharon Branagh in Gloucester

Please welcome the lovely Wendy Beresford, who will be working alongside the fabulous Sharon Branagh in Gloucester and surrounding areas.

Areas of Expertise: Modern Energy Tapping (EFT) Accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Workplace Coach (ILM), PSTEC Advanced Practitioner

Wendy is an EFT trainer, coach and hypnotherapist, with over ten years’ experience working with a range of trauma and specialising in chronic anxiety and stress.

After qualifying in Hypnotherapy in 2007, Wendy joined the Isbourne Holistic Centre where she delivered many EFT and self-help workshops, talks on self-love and how to reprogram the brain, and she also ran a meditation group.  Later, Wendy became a tutor on the OCN accredited Holistic Living course, where she taught about the mind-body connection and how to use EFT as a daily stress-relieving tool. More recently Wendy worked on a project teaching EFT to Young Carers with the Isbourne Centre.

Wendy’s mission involves raising awareness about the need for emotional wellness tools to be taught in schools in order to help tackle the rise in stress-related issues experienced by children from a young age. EFT is her favourite tool and she is constantly amazed by how well children and young people respond to it and how it enables them to feel empowered and more in control.

“I wish to see a future where all children grow up with the necessary tools and practices to enable them to develop a sense of self-worth, empowerment and connection with others that extends from their inner core to the world around them”


Meet the fabulous Sharon joining our Northern Ireland Team

Sharon Ramsden

HE (Dip) Counselling, Postgrad Dip Systemic Practice


Northern Ireland. Counsellor, Supervisor, Trainer and Systemic practitioner. Focusing and Colour-Breathing Practitioner.


Areas of Expertise: Working with Children, Young People and their families in community and schools settings. Delivering training to health professionals and parents on issues relating to Children and Young people including emotional regulation, parenting your teen and trauma through sexual abuse and violence.


For over 10 years Sharon has been delivering counselling and group work as a qualified integrative counsellor. She is accredited and registered counsellor with BCAP and is a qualified Systemic (Family) Practitioner. Sharon is passionate about her work with children and young people delivering therapeutic counselling on a range of issues in community and schools based settings. She believes strongly in promoting positive mental health and well-being of children and young people and uses her integrative skills in creative, somatic and family interventions to assist young people work through difficulties in a child-centred approach.


She has extensive experience in dealing with issues such as, bullying, exam stress, family and peer relationship difficulties, Anxiety and Panic, Depression and low mood, bereavement and trauma. She is currently completing a degree in Psychological Trauma Studies and Level 6 CPCAB in Clinical Supervision.


We are here to support Young People in Northern Ireland

With the highest suicide rates amongst young people across the country, we are so concerned for the mental health of the young people. Things can not go on like this many young people have lost their lives.

I am so pleased that we have our team set to help the young people in Belfast and Northern Ireland. If anyone is struggling please get in touch now, we are here to help. You are not alone and things can change for you. Please visit or if you need support.

A New Tappy Twins Poem

A huge thanks to our incredible Connie Chaudhry for this lovely poem for Tappy Twins. Hope you like it enjoy!.

The Tappy Song 

What do we do when we’re oh so angry?

What do we do when we’re feeling blue?

We don’t shout, no we don’t hurt you.

We just tap and you should too.


Top of your head then tap on your forehead,

Eyebrow fat then eyebrow thin.

Under your eye and under your nose now,

Then we tap on our chinny chin chin.


Moving down now find your collar bone,

Tap tap tap on the poky bit.

Now pick your arm up oh so high,

And tap tap tap on your armpit!


Tapping hands are so important,

Put them up ready for a dive.

Side of the fingers, top of the fingers,

Tapping down till you get to five!


We’re nearly done so don’t stop yet,

We’ve still to tap on the important bit.

Side of the hand we tap tap tap,

Yes you may call us karate kid!


Hand over heart now breathe so deeply,

Left hand under and right hand above.

Think about all of your favourite things now,

Friendship, kindness and most of all Love!

Sharon Does it Again


Our Fabulous Sharon Brannagh takes Gloucester by storm and secures 3 new schools for us in just 1 day. What a star!

We can’t wait to start working with you all.

Thanks Sharon for all your amazing hard work and dedication.

New app may put primary school children at risk

New app may put primary school children at risk

Research carried out by Barnardo’s has highlighted concerns about app which is due to be launched soon in the UK.

It will allow children as young as six to communicate either in groups or one-to-one, using text messages, video calls and photos, which has raised concerns that children could be at risk from grooming, sexting and online bullying.

The charity commissioned a YouGov survey of 997 parents, asking for their views about the app. Ninety per cent of parents said that they were concerned about their children using the new app. 61 per cent said they were worried that strangers would be able to pose as their children’s friends on the app.

Please take care of what your children are doing online.