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Check us out on Solihull Radio today between 4 and 6pm

The fabulous Leigh Perry is having us as her guest today. Two of our amazing Ambassadors will also be joining us – Nicholas Bailey and Stephan Pierre Mitchell.  We will be talking about the Courageous Kids Awards 2018.

Check it out as I am going to be announcing a surprise for people who book their tickets for the awards.


Tappy Twins spreads it’s wings again

So pleased we are working with Carnforth School and Fairfield Nursery.

Thanks for having us. We hope for a bright and long relationship supporting your children.

Together we can make a huge difference to their futures/

Please welcome our very own Kuli as our new Director of Tappy Twins

We are thrilled to announce that Kuli has agreed to join us as not only one of our counsellors but now as a Director. We are thrilled that you accepted the post Kuli and can’t wait to see what exciting things the future brings.

Kuli has had an immense passion from quite early on of working with children and young adults.  Although she began her counselling career working with adults using the person centred approach and found this very fulfilling her passion of working with children remained.  After having 2 boys of her own this was only re-affirmed.  She brings a lot of experience and is extremely personable and passionate.  Working in schools as a school counsellor has enabled her to work with and help some very vulnerable children.  She finds it is so important to help the children with their emotional development, which quite often can be overlooked.

She believes the work she does with children to help with their emotional development helps them to become healthier and happier adults. Kuli has helped countless children overcome their issues and fears and be able to move forward with their lives. She has been working with children for a few years now and delivers excellent results in both 1-2-1 sessions and her group work.

Kuli says

I have always felt a need to help others, in particular children and young adults hence the move from the corporate world towards counselling some time ago.

Please join me in officially welcoming the lovely Sarah to team Tappy

Areas of Expertise: Counselling, Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sound Therapy and a vast range of Complementary Healing modalities.


Sarah enjoys helping others by using a combination of helpful resources, she has pulled together many skills to fulfil her dream in helping others, both emotionally and practically with life changes, rehabilitation and transition. Sarah is a qualified practitioner, using a unique blend of intuitive Counselling and Mentoring skills, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Sound Therapy and a vast range of Complementary Healing modalities.


Sarah’s ability to connect with others has developed naturally during her career, working with children and adults who have physical and mental health struggles, and more recently with a charity that support’s victims of crime.  Sarah specialises in mentoring, sharing de-stress and coping techniques, LGBTQ understanding and support, exploring self and limitations through therapeutic art and sound therapy. All enable her to help people overcome many symptoms, ranging from behaviour difficulties, a sense of loss, chronic pain, long standing unwanted habits and upset, insomnia, energy blockages, anxiety and low mood and also promoting positive relaxation methods for all ages adding some much-needed rejuvenation and calm into someone’s daily life.


“ I believe the best way to share a coping technique is to really understand the core of the issue first, start from what matters and lend a hand to explore what will work for you in a safe and supportive environment.  The techniques I use are ones that can be used anywhere, from in the school playground to a job interview, to dealing with stress. We should all have a ‘coping tool box’ within us to hand, techniques we trust, that you know work well and that are uniquely useful for you as an individual person.” Sarah


Struggling to Sleep at Night?

Then here are our Friday Tips on creating a sleep friendly bedroom:

Avoid TV – watching tv in bed before you are trying to sleep stimulates the mind when it needs to calm instead

Sleep props – Use earplugs if you are easily disturbed by noises or black out blinds if your room is too light

Avoid clutter – keep things simple in the bedroom and have no study/work things in site

Keep a notepad by the bed – you can then jot things down rather than worrying about them all night

Download a pre-sleep mediation podcast – we recommend Jason Stevenson’s Floating in Space


Waterfall Beach Guided Meditation for Sleep and Depression Relief




Please give a warm welcome to our latest Ambassador

A huge thanks to the fabulous Nicholas Bailey for agreeing to be an Ambassador for Tappy Twins and our Courageous Kids Awards. He has also kindly agreed to be a judge as well as the Key Note Speaker for CKA 18. I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak at many functions and he is always truly inspirational. Thanks Nick for agreeing to get involved. If you want to know more about Nick’s amazing career then have a read of this:

Born in West Bromwich in 1971, Nicholas always had entertainment ‘in the blood.’ Via the Birmingham theatre school and school productions, Nicholas turned from a career in Law to train at the National Youth Theatre and LAMDA.

He left, without finishing his training and hasn’t looked back. This is his 25th year in the entertainment business as actor, presenter and singer. He has worked extensively on stage and screen; most notably spending three years as Dr Anthony Trueman in BBCs Eastenders.

A chance encounter led Nicholas to study at Birmingham Business School and he graduated with an MBA in International Business in 2012, quickly establishing himself as a Leadership and Presentation Skills consultant and coach.

He continues to act, appearing most recently as Marty Madison in the original West End cast of Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre. He will next be seen in ITV thriller “White Dragon” and in new Julia Davis comedy, “The Turning” on Sky One.

He is currently producing a charity gala and play to commemorate the Centenary of the death of pioneering Edwardian footballer and first Black officer in the British Army, Walter Tull. It is an exploration of his struggle with PTSD in WW1 and is in association with Combat Stress and Action for Children.

Nicholas will also be competing in a “Trifecta” of “Spartan” obstacle races to raise funds for Combat Stress, throughout 2018.

In 2017, Nicholas incorporated Prosperform, a peak performance public speaking and Presentation consultancy.

In 2018, Nicholas launched production company, Ono Doken Entertainment and has theatre, TV and film projects in development.

We are in the news again

A huge thanks to our amazing Patron Kate and My Weekly for covering the important work we do, as part of an exclusive story about Kate Ford.  Thanks Kate it is very much appreciated.

Our Survival Guide for your GCSE’s

So the day is nearly here for thousands of young people starting their GCSE’s. No doubt you will all be cramming as much revision in between your exams. So we thought we would share our tips with you:

  • Find a quiet place where you can work undisturbed.
    include every subject in your revision.
  •  Plan to do short burst of revision in a variety of subjects every
  •  Get into the habit of revising at set times. Different people learn
    best at different times. Find out which is the best time for you.A
  • Arrange to have regular breaks of 5-10 minutes between revision
    sessions. Use this time to treat yourself to something
    you really enjoy.
  •  Switch off the distractions like your phones, tv etc. Your mind will concentrate better
    if you are not distracted. Ask people not to disturb you – not even
    to bring you a coffee – until your revision period has finished.

More tips to help you stay calm and focused for the days of your exams:

  • Eat a good breakfast –  include slow-release carbohydrates, such as whole rolled porridge oats,whole grain bread or low-sugar muesli, as they provide slow-release energy. Add a protein food, such as milk, yoghurt or eggs, to keep you feeling full for longer.
  • Take Healthy slow release snacks with you –  to help boost your energy levels like fruit like bananas and nuts.
  • Avoid stressful situations –  find somewhere quiet away from people worrying about the exam.
  • Relax – use this breathing technique at anytime you feel anxious before, during or after the exam:
  1. Tense all your muscles, clench fists, etc
  2. Now deliberately relax each muscle until you are
    totally still.
  3. Breathe in deeply through your nose for a count of 3
  4. Breathe out gently through your mouth for a count of 5
  5. Repeat this – listening to your
    breathing for a couple of minutes.
  6. If thoughts enter your head let them go – just
    concentrate on breathing.

You know you can do so go for it and they will soon be over.

Good luck everyone!! Remember if you are struggling you can come and talk to us anytime on the live chat on this site. We are here to support you.




So lovely to receive these testimonials today

Well done Wendy for receiving these testimonials today:

Quote from mother of a 13 year old after sessions for bullying issues at school and self-esteem

“She’s overcome her panic attacks and for the first time ever has been able to sing on stage on her own. Something that’s she’s never been able to do before even though she’s tried many times.

Recently she’s had a shift in her thinking and has felt able to tackle the things that are holding her back much more easily.

Such a big positive step forwards”

Quote from a teacher at a primary school in Cheltenham

“I just wanted to say thank you again for such a lovely and helpful day’s training. There were so many useful and practical ideas, that I can see myself actually using”

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