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Lets talk emotional resilience

So there is lots of talk about Emotional Resilience for our children and young people. What does it mean though and how important is it that children are armed with good levels of it to ensure they are able to cope with what life throws at them?

We thought we would show you this video from Harvard University that explains it in simple terms

Tappy Twins provides support and resources for children to keep themselves safe, information about where to get help and techniques for distracting themselves during emotional periods. If your a young person, or a parent who is concerned about your child please get in touch via our helpline. We are always here to help.


check out goHenry

What a great idea this is. It’s the smart solution to enable 6-18 year olds the real meaning of money whilst gaining valuable life skills.

Are you aware of the risks of IMVU App?

Everyone needs to know that IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is a 3-D chat world site and App that has lots of adult content. The most explicit content (such as nudity and sexual images) is restricted to users 18+ who buy an Access Pass, but kids are likely to find sexual talk or behavior in public areas if they’re looking for it. There’s no restriction on language.

This site is definitely not for young people as their information remains public and is known for men trying to attract young people.

Stay Safe, Never give your personal information or arrange to meet anyone online.

Please welcome the incredible Leann to Tappy Team in Gloucestershire.

So proud to announce that we are expanding again in Gloucester with the incredible Leann. She brings a wealth of experience to help support the young people in Gloucestershire.

Areas of Expertise: Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor and Qualified Nurse

Leann is an Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor with a passion to help make a difference to the lives of young people within our communities today. She feels it’s tough being young and with so many external pressures for some life just gets too much.

Her background is nursing, and has worked within healthcare for over 25 years. She went through a personal trauma that resulted in her changing the direction of my career. She now understands why she went through what she did and how she can use it to help others.

“I am so excited to be working with Suzanne and team at Tappy Twins and look forward to supporting lots of young people guiding them to see: life can be OK.”

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