Unique Tappy Twins Bag

If you would like to have unique hand bag or shopping bag then these personalised jute bags are the ideal thing!

Each bag hand drawn and painted then embellished with bows and glitter. Each bag will be unique and custom made just for you.
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Jute bags becomes very popular because they are eco-friendly with 100% bio-degradable. What’s more? Jute bags are strong, trendy and reusable.

Details that we require to complete your unique bag are:

  • Your name
  • Your hair colour
  • Your eyes colour and style
  • Your favourite things example phone, make-up, shopping etc.
  • Your favourite colour
  • Your outfit idea that you would like to be wearing on your bag
  • Any other specifications

That’s it! All you have to do now is sit back and wait for your hand-painted personalised bag. I will send you a confirmation email to confirm your order and details.

Please allow 21 days for design, production and delivery days.

The Large Shopping Bag

This large shopping bag is the actual design you will receive and is 36cm x 40cm x 18cm. Price £24.00 + postage and packaging

The Small unique bag

Small 36cm x 30cm x 19cm This is your unique bag to add your own name and image. Price £24.00 + postage and packaging
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