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The Clown Who Lost His Confidence

 Once there was a clown called Chuckles. Chuckles was too scared to go on stage because he lost his confidence. Chuckles cried like this “Wah!Wah!Wah!Wah!’’ “I don’t want to go on stage but I have to because the audience are waiting! What shall I do?”

 He went and looked around the audience but he did it very quickly.

Then he looked on the ring master’s ring but it wasn’t there.

“Oh no!” said Chuckles. He went to ask the lion tamer. The lion tamer thought he saw the jar in one of the lion’s cages but it was in fact a jar of water.

“Thanks anyway” (sigh). So he went to the acrobat. The acrobat was Russian so Chuckles didn’t understand him ‘’Never mind.’’

 Chuckles had an idea, he went to the magician and asked him “could you use your magic to create a new jar of confidence?”. The magician said “Yes I will” so the magician took a jar out of his cupboard and said some words which sounded like a spell. So the magician gave Chuckles the jar, which was actually an ordinary jar but Chuckles thought it was a confidence jar so Chuckles went on stage to do his show and everyone clapped.

 (Morel) Never give up

By Jacob John Hubbard Age 7


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