Another Fantastic Testimonial

Thank you Kate for this amazing testimonial. Well done Sharon and Leann.

Hempsted C. of E. Primary School

Tappy Twins have been integral in improving the social and emotional outcomes for some of our most vulnerable children, children we would otherwise be unable to reach.

Their therapists are enthusiastic and passionate about helping children overcome whatever challenges they face, enabling them to reach their full potential. Their techniques work for children with all sorts of issues, behaviour and anger, children who have low self-esteem, children who have witnessed domestic abuse, whatever the problem Tappy Twins can provide a solution.

Our children love their time spent with the therapist and can’t wait until the next session. There has been a noticeable improvement in the children’s self-confidence, emotional well-being and willingness to talk, both in the classroom and out.

Tappy Twin’s ran a ten week parenting course at school which was enthusiastically received by our parents who found it not only informative and helpful but great fun.

We have built a strong working relationship with the team – they certainly live up to their value of allowing children to “Feel Good Fast”.


Kate Subryan

Hempsted Church of England Primary School




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