Case Studies

Using Traditional EFT

Case Study 1 – Working with children with Aspergers syndrome

A 10 year old boy, whom I will call Paul to protect his identity, came to see me with his mum to help control and manage his anger. He has Aspergers syndrome and ADHT, and had been becoming increasingly aggressive at times of frustration. As a result he was hitting out at his family, including his younger sister.

His parents had tried everything that had been offered to them but with little success. When his mum 1st brought him to my office, she was a little sceptical that EFT could help her son in anyway. However it did not take long into the 1st session to turn that opinion around.

Paul had begun to become very agitated and upset, being in an unfamiliar environment. Understanding that EFT is 97% effective when working with people with autism, aspergers and ADHT, I asked his mum Sarah if it was ok to try EFT straight away to help him calm down and feel happier. She thankfully agreed and we started to identify how and why he was feeling the way he was. We used tapping on specific meridian points as expressed how he was feeling. It only took 2 rounds of EFT until he felt completely calm.

I have continued to work with Paul in his home environment, where he continues to make great progress. His anger is now greatly reduced, as he is even getting to the point when he understands what his triggers are for him and tells his mum he is going to his room to tap to help him control his feelings. 

I couldn’t believe how quickly EFT worked for Paul; he is able to manage his emotions much better these days – thanks Suzanne for all of your help

”Sarah” - ”Birmingham”

Thanks Suzanne for helping me feel better. I don’t get so angry now, which means I stay out of trouble

”Paul” - ”Birmingham”

Case Study 2 – Children with Phobias

Izzy (not her real name) aged 6 came to see me with her mum Sandra, to look at how I could help her overcome her fear of dogs. So extreme was her fear that she would physically freeze and scream at the top of her voice anytime a dog was in the vicinity. Her mum was very concerned that one day she might get bitten by a dog, as it reacted to her screaming.

She described how she felt around dogs as though she was stuck to the spot and she just needed to scream to keep the dog away. She said she felt as though her heart would beat so fast she was worried it would pop and she wanted it to stop.

We decided to work on this phobia in a series of phases, the 1st of which was to help her control her feelings and reactions towards dogs. We used a series of EFT (Tapping) rounds, where Izzy was able to work through how she was feeling until there was little reaction left at all.

Over the next few sessions we continued to develop her reaction towards dogs, until she felt comfortable enough as to not scream or react in front of them. In fact this developed over a little time to where she actually wanted to go over and stroke the dogs herself.

I am so pleased to say that Izzy and her family are the proud owner of their own dog now and Izzy says she is her best friend. What a lovely transformation.

I love my dog she is the best dog in the world.

”Izzy” - ”Solihull”

You have made us all very happy as I had wanted a dog for so long and never thought Izzy would accept one but now they are inseparable. Many thanks.

”Sandra” - ”Solihull”


Using Matrix Reimprinting

Case study 1 – Phobia of being sick in public

This case study is about a young lady that is called Emma. Over the past few years she has developed a terrible fear of leaving the house. When she did venture out she always took a supply of carrier bags in case she was sick, so no one could see it. In fact it had got so bad when we first met that she was missing a great number of days per week from school and CAMS had become involved. Her fear had become so severe that she would become extremely distraught, tearful and physically could not leave the house. Obviously her parents were very concerned about this and it was having a huge impact on her development and in fact on the family’s everyday life.

During our 1st session she told me about how it has affected her over the past few years and how she actually feels sick in her stomach and has a knot in her throat; when she even thinks of leaving the house. We ran though some immediate tips for her to help her regain some control over how she was feeling, between our sessions. She learnt how to use positive EFT as well as using a breathing technique to help her calm down whenever she gets anxious.

During her next EFT-Matrix Reimprinting session Emma was asked when the Phobia started and what was happening around that time. The immediate memory that surfaced was several years before, when she was in year 4 at school. She was in the classroom and she felt sick but the teacher refused her to allow to leave the room. Consequently she was sick in front of everyone, and felt completely humiliated and scared. We used Matrix reimprinting to reprint this memory, where she could have whatever resources and outcome she wanted. As a result I am happy to report that resolution was achieved and we ensured that she held the new belief that “she can leave the classroom if she feels sick in the future, so there is no need to worry”. At the end of the session we retested the memory and she had no reaction to it at all.

At the beginning of our next session, upon testing the resolution from the previous time, she confirmed that she had no real reaction to the previous memory of being sick. We then continued to work on how she feels in the morning getting ready to leave the house. She reported that she feels sick in the stomach. During the matrix re-imprinting she dealt with her friend coming early in the morning for her to go to school. She said she waited for the knock on the door and then started to feel stressed and sick. We introduced the resources her echo needed and completed the session with resolution and holding the belief that”she can get ready at her own pace and doesn’t have to get stressed”.

During the next couple of sessions, I witnessed fantastic improvements each time. Rather than getting stressed every day it had reduced to a little wobble maybe once per week. So we continued to use Matrix reimprinting to deal with her limiting beliefs about going out. Each session concluded with resolution for Emma, who was growing in confidence every day and starting to get her life on track.

After the 4th session we decided to test just how far she had come since we started only a few weeks before. So we both went for an unplanned walk, something that she would never have done previously. In fact we went without the need to carry a plastic bag, in case she was sick. She continues to go out daily over the next week, without any bag or stress.

Where no other method that Emma and the family had previously tried, Matrix Reimprinting has dramatically reduced the intensity of the stress and nerves she had previously experienced. Several years of suffering has been overturned within 4 sessions. She says “I know I can do it and go out when I want to. I am looking forward to seeing my friends as I have missed out on so much”. When I asked how she felt about needing to carry a bag around with her, she said “There is no need to anymore as I won’t be sick anyway”.

We continue to work together to help her overcome further limiting beliefs but Emma is starting to live the life she deserves, rather than being a prisoner in her own home. She is going out every day for both planned and unplanned trips; something she would never have considered before her sessions. Well Done Emma, I am so very proud of you!

Case study 3 – ADHD and Volatile Relationship

This case is about O.K a 16 year old male who has ADHD and a volatile relationship with his mother. His mother sought me out to counsel him for his anger issues and told me O.K had previously been on medication but not anymore, he has experimented with cannabis and engaged with petty crimes. Mum told me in the referral form that O.K’s father was a schizophrenic but this had remained undiagnosed for the majority of their married life and due to increasing violence she left him when O.K was 6. However O.K was often left alone in his fathers care whilst mum was out working and would lock him in the cupboard as a young child scaring him with tales of monsters that live in the attic. O.K was tld by his father that a snake lived upstairs by his bedroom and would bite him if he left the room. So O.K would remain terrified in his bedroom until mum returned from work.

His father’s mental health escalated and things ended with him being sectioned and mother fleeing to a refuge with O.K. So O.K’s formative years were fraught with emotional trauma and distress. He has no existing relationship with his father who currently resides in a mental health care home, despite wanting to have contact his father has chosen to cut him off. O.K had lived at home with mum and step dad with whom he has a good relationship. However recently he lashed out at mum in anger striking her, this resulted in mum telling him to leave the family home. Mum arranged for O.K to be taken in by his maternal grandparents with whom he has a positive relationship and will remain there until he can work through his anger issues so he can return home. He loves mum but blames her for staying with dad so long and failing to protect him in younger years from mentally ill dad.

Session 1

O.K shared that he felt an overwhelming sense of anger towards himself first and foremost for acting the way he has and great disappointed in himself. He shared that he loves his mother but can’t control his anger. I asked O.K to describe to me his anger and what it felt like in his body. He shared it felt like a pain that hurt. I used VAKOG to support the process.

O.K described a purple triangle of pain stuck in his heart, chest and throat. I then proceeded to explain the tapping process and asked if he would be happy to try and tap these emotions away with me. He agreed and scored the feelings at a -7 to start with. I used his words as I went around. “This pain I feel, this purple triangle in my heart, chest and throat, I want this pain to go away. I give myself permission to let go of this pain, this anger and this disappointment in myself.” I did 5 rounds to reduce it from a -7 to a -4 then a -4 to a -2 then a -2 to a +1 then a +1 to a +4, he was happy to stay at that level. I ended on a resolution round- “I feel sad about what happened and want to be able to control my anger better. I believe I can do this because I choose to, and want to and I deeply love, trust and accept myself.” As we went through the rounds O.K who wears glasses tried to hide some water in his eyes, he looked sad but continued through the rounds and afterwards admitted that he had wanted to cry harder and more openly but felt embarrassed. I invited him to have a good cry, he sobbed for a while and then shared how good he felt. Like a weight had been lifted and wanted to try this technique again next session as he wanted to clear his anger issues with mum, and his sadness about dad cutting him off. Also to improve his self -esteem and stop lashing out at others. I told him we can address whatever he wants to over the next few sessions. He left feeling uplifted and with a spring in his step that hadn’t previously been there, everything about him felt lighter.

Session 2

Today O.K wanted to tap on his anger issues around his relationship with dad. He shared he had felt robbed of his childhood due to his mentally ill dad traumatising him from a young age and mother who seemed oblivious to it and kept him in that situation failing to protect him. He then admitted he understood now as a 16 year old how hard it must have been for his mother as she had been a victim of domestic abuse by his father for those 6 years and the main breadwinner as dad had been too sick to work. His emotions towards his father include anger, pain, sadness and rejection. I used these words to tap on and the initial score was -8. I went around several sets on each emotion starting with anger and pain, and ending with sadness and rejection. O.K moved from -8 to -6 then -6 to -3 then -3 to 0 and then jumped to a +3. We had run out of time so I left O.K in a good emotional state and promised we would continue through the rounds to bring him up higher as he wanted to get to at least a +7 to manage moving forwards.

Session 3

O.K seemed in high spirits he told me he had come to a decision and wants to write a letter to his father describing the pain and trauma he endured whilst in his father’s care. He said he doesn’t want to have a face to face confrontation but needs to let his father know the amount of pain he has caused his son and put it back where it belongs- to stop carrying that anger and resentment and blaming mum when really its anger at dad. I advised he think  through this carefully and speak to his mother about it for her support. He said mum is supportive and wants him to do what he needs to do. We worked through the pro’s and cons of letter writing, and what he wants to get across. O.K said he wanted to tap on his feelings of anger towards his father and bring it down so he could write and have his say more clearly. I asked if he wanted to pick up where we left off last week around the sadness and rejection but O.K said there is an overpowering anger he feels now that he has cleared away the other emotions. So I started to tap on the anger aspect- O.K scored his anger towards dad at -10, and as we tapped through the rounds exploring the anger and decreasing it, trying to let some of it go we managed to reduce it to-8  then -5 then -2 after a few rounds. O.K said he wanted to stay at this level so he can write his letter express himself strongly and then tap away the residual anger after writing his letter. He wanted to have his say and be heard. I accepted this and asked that he message me in between sessions if he needed support as he was due to write the letter during that week. Mid-week I received a message from O.K to say writing the letter had felt so therapeutic and seeing his anger and pain on paper was enough to shift his pain- he has sent it and feels freer now, not angry anymore. I said we can review next session his shift and progress made O.K agreed and said he felt a weight had been lifted.


Using Picture Tapping Therapy

Case Study 1 – Student A (Age 15 Female) – Anxiety of a friendship breakup

The student reports feeling that the friendship break up, she has encountered, has left her feeling confused and stuck in one place and not able to move forward. We had made progress in previous sessions using EFT but there still remained the feeling of not being able to move forward.

When questioned she said that she felt unable to move forward as there was she never got closure when they fell out and didn’t understand why the girl turned on her. She was adamant however that she had had enough of how it had left her feeling and wanted to move forward from the experience.

I then asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel then what would that picture look like” She drew the picture and then called it “Stuck” after initially calling it “Over reaction” and then changing her mind and turning the paper around.


She described the different colours and squiggles as her confusion of why things happened and also confusion of why she has let it impact her so much and made her feel “stuck”.

After completing the set up, we tapped 2 rounds on the contents of the picture and then after turning the page over I asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew this image below;


This image was a blue dot positioned in the middle of the page.

I asked her to give it a title and she called it “BIG” and then laughed a little and said well we can make small things big can’t we. I agreed it was a great title for the image.

We then, after conducting the set up phrase, tapped a further 2 rounds. I noted that during these rounds she had moments of realisation (from her body language, words used and tone used), which she commented on once the 2 rounds were complete. She began to add humour to the words she used during the round, which she had not done before.

As I took the image away she commented that she had “wasted too much time on her” confirming my observations during the tapping rounds on this blue spot image.

Upon removing the paper and turning it upside down I then asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?”

She drew this picture and gave it the lovely title of “Freedom” . She commented on the name immediately saying that she has been held back as a result of this girl; and now she felt like she had had to grow and learn from the experience but now felt free to move on without emotions she has carried around for so long.


Upon looking at this picture I asked “Does this picture represent resolution of the issue or do you think that more work is needed?” She saw this was definitely a resolution to the issue. With this in mind we went on to frame this picture with a rainbow combination of colours as this was what she thought were the perfect colours to use.

We then flooded the rainbow colours through the entire body ensuring that her heart got a double dose of these amazing colours as this is where she felt the issue. I then got her to send it out into the Universe.

We then reviewed the pictures in the order that she had drawn them and I asked her if the pictures were giving her any emotional reaction. She said she had no emotions about it at all. She felt finally free to carry on with her life without this issue and was glad to see the back of it.

I have rechecked with her today 2 weeks later, to see if there is any of the original emotion left and I happy to report that she said she has not even thought about it since and that there was nothing left emotionally at all.

Case Study 2 – Student B (Age 13 Female) – Feeling unheard over others

The student comes from a large family that has had a number of issues over the past few years. Today she wanted to look at resolving the issue she has with feeling that no one hears her over other people. She wanted to able to speak out and be heard with no one interrupting or her feeling she might say something she would regret. We have been working on various issues prior to this session and she had already made some progress but felt there was more to be done.

I asked her “if you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel then what would it look like?” She drew the picture below and called it “The Over Voice”

She said that she felt that the person within her wanted to speak out as she had things to say that could contribute to the conversations but no one is listening. As a result she puts up barriers so she doesn’t feel so bad and battles with both her inner and outer voice.

After completing the set up, we tapped 2 rounds on the contents of the picture. Once this had been completed I turned over the paper and asked “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew the picture below


Once drawn I asked her “If this picture had a title what would the title of this picture be?”

She called it “Strength.”

We then went through the set up before tapping 2 rounds as she explained what was actually in the picture, as we tapped. What was lovely to see in this picture is the transformation from the initial one drawn where she is much bigger and has the larger lines coming out of the mouth (representing her words/voice spoken). The fact that she has drawn them in this lovely blue could indicate growth or the fact that she is communicating. Also that the “them” as she calls them are not only much smaller but appear to have heard what she is saying expressed in the word oh. There has been a definite shift in the right direction towards resolution.

After turning this picture over. I then gave her another sheet and asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew this picture.


When I asked her “If this picture had a title what would the title of this picture be?” She wrote “Friends”

After setting up we then tapped 2 rounds on the picture and she seemed to relax in comparison to when we started with the 1st picture. Her tone of voice was also more level rather than higher pitched, suggesting that she was feeling more comfortable. Bearing this in mind and the image that she has drawn would also suggest that we were moving in the right direction with the process, which was lovely to see.

I once again turned this picture over and handed her another page saying her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew this picture.


When I asked” her “If this picture had a title what would the title of this picture be?” She wrote “Me”. Once she had written the title she then added a heart into the image. Which was lovely to see and the fact that she had used this green instead of the original black in the 1st image.

When we looked at this picture I asked “does this picture represent resolution of the issue or do you think that more work is needed?” She gave a huge smile and said no, that there was nothing else that was needed. We therefore then went on to frame this picture by me asking “If you were to put a frame around this picture where this issue has been resolved, what colour or combination of colours would the frame be” with her choice of “a golden flash of colourings”

Once she had this image in mind we then flooded the golden flash of colourings through her entire body. We made sure that her heart and her head got a double dose of this golden flash of colourings as this is where she felt the issue were. After which I asked her to send it out into the Universe.

Once completed,we then reviewed the images with me laying them out in the order that she had drawn them. I asked her then if there were any remaining emotions coming up as she looked at the pictures and she happily said no she felt ok. Once this process had been completed she actually said she was going to go into the class and make sure she engaged into the discussions.

1 week later during our next session, we revisited how she was feeling about the previous issue. She said she was feeling much more positive about speaking up. In fact she had offered to do the reading in her English class which she said she would never have felt confident to have done before.

Using Emo Trance

Case Study 1 – Positive Emo Trance.

Five year old Jennifer was not happy about going to school after the half term holidays.

The night before she had gone into her parent’s bedroom in the middle of the night telling them she felt funny in her throat and her tummy.
So on Monday morning she lay on the sofa, under a blanket not feeling well. The sun was really bright, a cold, frosty start to the day and I asked her if she would like todo a little exercise with me, that would help me out, to do with the sun. She brightened up at that and stood at the patio doors in full sunlight (it was -3 outside!).

I told her we were going to take the sunshine into our bodies and asked her where she felt it needed to go. She pointed first to her stomach and then to her throat. We began with the stomach and asked her to feel the energy as it went into her body. She said, without prompting, ‘Its really warm, almost hot!’

I then asked her where this energy wanted to go to come out of her body and she pointed to her bottom and then giggled! So I asked her to use her hand to guide the energy down and out, but she didn’t need to use her hand, she felt it instantly going in, though and out, and we kept this flow going for about a minute and a half. She commented on how fast the energy was moving, like a racing car, through her.

When she stopped concentrating I moved on to her throat. But she said her throat was all better now.

Then she proceeded to build an obstacle course around the lounge, talk about seeing her friend at school, and went off to school without another comment about feeling unwell, or not wanting to go. I think she went better than she ever had, and she seemed to have this amazing zinging energy.

I was amazed at how quickly this had worked for her, how easily she had taken that energy and healed herself. Kids are so wonderful to work with!!

Case Study 2 – EFT and EmoTrance combined

Michael’s Mum had noticed that he didn’t want to go to school every other Monday. He felt ill, usually stomach ache or sick feeling. If she sent him too school anyway the school would ring at some point before lunch time to say that Michael had been sick and she needed to pick him up. His Mum recognised that these were not real illnesses but a stress response to something at school.
I sat down with Michael and discussed school on Monday’s. I discovered that the school operated a two weekly timetable, and every other Monday the way the lessons were setup, was not to Michaels liking. All his worst lessons fell on one day.
I asked him what he felt when he looked at the timetable for the day. He said he felt sick and had no energy. At this point he couldn’t pinpoint an exact place in his body that he felt this, apart from a bit in his stomach. So we used EFT to Tap on his words. After two rounds he could feel something in his stomach and his throat. I switched to Emo Trance as it can be much quicker to clear blockages felt in the body. Michael placed his hand over his stomach first and I asked which way the feeling needed to flow. It needed to go out through his back, so we softened and flowed the energy asking it to release and go. This went very quickly and so we switched to the throat.
This took a little longer to shift, but it soon went down into his shoulder and out. We then looked back at the timetable. Michael noticed that there was one lesson he liked in the middle of the day, and the teacher in the last lesson was fun. We talked about the other lessons, and he found he now felt nothing wrong about them. They weren’t his favourite lessons but they weren’t that bad. We added a little positive EFT to lift the good feelings and he ended the session after 15 minutes feeling excited about this Monday.
Michael has had no reaction to Monday’s since and in fact has been better at doing and handing in homework since!

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