Children’s Advocacy Services

Your Voice Matters


Tappy Twins support “YOU” to ensure “YOUR” voice is heard and you are given a choice with community and health services.

We provide independent and confidential advocacy services to young people, offering a range of information, advice and support to ensure “your” voice is heard when decisions are being made about your support and care.

If you find it hard to speak up or don’t understand your care and support, we are here to help and guide you.


  • We stand up for your rights
  • Help you understand your care and support process
  • Explore and discuss how you feel about your care
  • Challenge any decisions that you don’t agree with, with regards to your care
  • Support you through assessments
  • Help with care and support planning
  • Support you with safeguarding and reviews
  • Person-centred goal planning to help you reach your desired outcome for the issues you are facing
  • A person-centred empowering approach to help build capabilities and skills to ensure that individuals are empowered to lead on their own issues

Tappy Twins can write letters for you and attend meetings with you and support you during:

  • Any assessments
  • During care and support planning
  • Safeguarding and any reviews

If you or someone you know feels vulnerable or needs support, we may be able to work with you to speak up and be heard, have your rights respected and be at the heart of decision making.

Our Mission

To provide independent and impartial advocacy services that will enable and empower young people to have their say, communicate their needs and make informed choices in obtaining community and health services.