Because Mental and Emotional Health Matters


Teacher Workshops

We provide a variety of training workshops for all Senior Leadership Teams, teachers and staff to help improve emotional resilience, reduce stress and enhance performance and self belief.

Stress can trigger states of anxiety, sadness and distress which affect our ability to focus and learn – our workshops are designed to help  deal with these normal emotions and give them the skills to navigate negative emotional states whilst learning to feel calmer, happier and more successful in learning to trust their own abilities and creativity.

How we handle stress and ‘failure’ at work has a strong correlation with the likelihood of future success. For this reason, it’s really important to develop a set of resilience skills. Resilient people demonstrate mental agility,  high energy levels, greater flexibility and consistently perform at their highest level.

In addition, Tappy Twins also provide a range of workshops to help support the children in the classroom. We provide valuable tools which will help teaching staff with children’s emotional development, manage behaviour in the classroom and motivate the children.

Parental Workshops

parents One of the most difficult jobs in the world is being a parent. There is no definitive ‘how to parent’ ‘guide but sometimes, it feels a bit more out of control. At times we all need a little help and support.
Tappy Twins have therefore devised a series of parental workshops, to help life at home be much better for all family members. We believe it is vital to work with all of the family and not just the children, to make positive changes.
Children watch their parents live their lives. If they like what they see, if it makes sense to them, they will live their lives that way too.