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£10 Donation

Can support 2 children using the helpline 

Meet Chloe

She contacted our helpline after struggling with bullying for several months. She felt she had no one to talk to and felt she couldn’t take it anymore. There was no escape even when she was not in school, as her bullies were sending her lots of abusive messages online, so nowhere felt safe.  Every day seemed to get worse and she felt unable to cope with it anymore.

At school, she has spoken someone that self- harmed and they said it makes them feel better. She felt confused about it but really wanted a way out of the pain she was feeling.

After a really bad day she thought she would try it as she wanted the pain to stop but thankfully, she contacted our helpline instead, as she knew a friend that had used it.

Our counsellor was able to listen and support her for as long as she needed it.  They stayed on the line with her until she felt better and was able to work out a strategy to deal with the bullying situation.

“she was really kind and listened to me. We spoke for ages and I felt able to go to school and let them know what was going on. Everything got sorted out and I feel much better”


£20 Donation

 Can support 4 children in need with online support

Meet Aleesha

Her friends all seemed to have such a happy life at home but her home life was far from perfect.

Things at home were tough for Aleesha. Her parents were always fighting and sometimes it would become physical. She had witnessed domestic violence and had been subjected to abuse for over 4 years. Having been threatened not talk about what was happening at home, she felt trapped and scared.

She had become isolated and withdrew from all her friends and extended family.  Her mental and emotional wellbeing deteriorated, and she did not know what to do. She just wanted it all to stop and feel safe.

Our online counsellor was able to listen, ensure she was safe at the time and then help her to create a plan to move forward.

“I didn’t feel safe to talk at first, so we talked by sending each other messages on the site. When I felt safe, I actually talked and talked for ages and they didn’t rush me at all.  It was so good to have someone to actually listen to me. They helped me see that what was happening was not OK.”


£50 Donation

Pays for a face to face counselling session for a child like Luke


voice_unhappy_boy_800x775Meet Luke

We started working with this incredible young boy, when he bravely talked to us and trusted us to share his story, so that we able to help him.

Luke suffered from serious abuse and neglect from a very young age. Not only that, he had witnessed his own family murdered in front of him. If he had not been very brave he could also have been killed.

His future at that point was very unclear and he struggled so much with dealing with everything and even functioning day to day.

Today, he is doing so much better. He is able to hope for the brighter future he deserves.

“I liked talking to them they were kind and made me feel safe and better”


We are able to be there for children, when they need us, and this is due to your crucial support thank you. (Please note we have changed the names and photos of all the children to protect their identity.)

We are committed to complete transparency and adhere to a strict set of guidelines for fundraising. We remain respectful to all of our donors and those that support us. All donations are distributed based on need.

You are moments away from helping some of our most vulnerable children. Thank you so much for your support.

If you would prefer to make an offline donation, please download the donation form, fill in your details and email back to

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