Fantastic gig with James Arthur and Symmetry

 James was amazing and he shared his honest story of how he was not prepared for all the attention her got when he won X factor. As he result he spiralled into depression and went off the rails. I am not excusing the silly things he said(as he isn’t) but it explains a little why he said them; as depression hits people in very different ways. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance and I am pleased to hear he is back on his feet again, and doing what he loves.

Symmetry his support band we great too. What captured my attention was the the guy next to me in the photo. He is actually blind – what an inspirational guitar player; showing anyone out there, that no one and nothing can stop you fulfilling your dreams. 

A great night had by all. Sore throat this morning from all the shouting and singing but well worth it.

IMG_1107 (1)


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