Guide to assist children with Aspergers or Autism in schools

Have a colour coded timetable with same colour books for each subject

All overhead notes shown in the classroom to be printed out for the child in advance – so if they fall behind then can go at their own pace

The school provide a list of equipment and books etc the child will need each day

All staff to ascertain full understanding at all times and individualise content where needed – a simple answer from the child. Yes is not enough, as they may not want to speak out when they don’t understand

Operate a reward system in and out of school – increases confidence and independence

Use traffic light system so teacher can see how they are feeling

Have a time out card when things get too much so they can leave and calm down

Always make the child aware of any changes that may have to take place

Buddy up with a role model pupil that can support them in increasing their independence

Offer a club with like-minded peers to add structure to break times

Weekly social interaction with good role models covering everyday situations

Always use their name at the beginning, when you are saying something, so that they know you are talking to them

If you are aware that they have an intense interest, then try to use this to engage them

Have a point of contact they can go to when they are feeling unhappy, stressed that they get on well with

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