Look what Katie wrote on the school run

We say never forget out of respect it’s not a grudge
When did it become within your jurisdiction to judge
The lives of another, the face of their mothers
Holding out for diversity likes it’s a wonder far above us
When It’s really quite simple
Just think about what you read
Printed on the paper by those only filled with greed
To be paid for an article, to be voted on for the theory
That people not from here can affect your loved ones dearly

When we know it’s I lie, we must do, yet we go along
With the hating, discriminating that we teach our children is wrong
Be fair to each other, share, do what’s right
How can they possibly learn kindness when these headlines are in their sight
Swarms of immigrants, super predators, law and order
Can’t you see their only synonyms for the racist hoarder
To break out on command, to rule us all by fear
But I don’t have to tell you, we all know, it’s clear

We just choose not to listen because it’s so much more easy
To blame it on the poor, immigration, than the real thing
Because it goes so much higher, corruption so much deeper
no one wants to admit establishments hill is getting steeper
For the lesser man to climb, for the average man to win
So blaming it on vulnerable is a happier tale to spin

I know who i will support when reaches parliament

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