A New Tappy Twins Poem

A huge thanks to our incredible Connie Chaudhry for this lovely poem for Tappy Twins. Hope you like it enjoy!.

The Tappy Song 

What do we do when we’re oh so angry?

What do we do when we’re feeling blue?

We don’t shout, no we don’t hurt you.

We just tap and you should too.


Top of your head then tap on your forehead,

Eyebrow fat then eyebrow thin.

Under your eye and under your nose now,

Then we tap on our chinny chin chin.


Moving down now find your collar bone,

Tap tap tap on the poky bit.

Now pick your arm up oh so high,

And tap tap tap on your armpit!


Tapping hands are so important,

Put them up ready for a dive.

Side of the fingers, top of the fingers,

Tapping down till you get to five!


We’re nearly done so don’t stop yet,

We’ve still to tap on the important bit.

Side of the hand we tap tap tap,

Yes you may call us karate kid!


Hand over heart now breathe so deeply,

Left hand under and right hand above.

Think about all of your favourite things now,

Friendship, kindness and most of all Love!

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