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Behaviour Clinics

Why do children exhibit challenging behaviour?

We all communicate through our behaviour whether we realise it or not.  For example, an infant may cry when it is hungry or wet, just like an adult may yawn when he is bored at work.  A child’s problematic behaviour is usually a sign that they are upset or that something is not right and they are having trouble communicating that either because they don’t know what they feel or they don’t have the right way to tell us. For example a child might be screaming because they don’t want to do something or they might feel unsafe or out of control, so they take inappropriate action over the things they can control (e.g. like kicking someone or being obsessive about a mobile phone).

Who can we help?

Children, Parents, Carers, Teachers, Health/Social Care Professionals, Community Service, Multi-disciplinary teams

How can we help?

Behaviour clinics are set up to provide time and space for you to discuss the problem and find solutions to help prevent and manage behaviours.  This is done by providing advice, guidance, support, information leaflets and by teaching coping skills, strategies and techniques.

Facilitated by:

Sharon Branagh

Behaviour Specialist & Therapist


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