A Perfect Example of Think Before You Act

As we always teach children from a very young age that everything you do, good or bad, has a consequence.  Here is the perfect example of this. Think before you act, is it really worth the consequences. Whoever did this, when they are caught will have to face the police. Remember you are in control of your own actions so think what is the right thing to do.



A heavily-pregnant woman was injured after children lobbed a stone from a bridge, smashing a car windscreen in Manchester.

The woman, who is 35 weeks into her pregnancy, was in a car travelling along when two large rocks smashed onto the front window.

One of them shattered the glass and hit the woman, who was sat in the passenger seat.

She suffered cuts and bruises however police have said it is a miracle that neither her, nor her unborn child, were seriously hurt.

Police are now appealing to anyone who has information about to come forward.

Det Sgt Steve Hall said: “This might have seemed like a ‘good laugh’ at the time, but I can assure them this is no laughing matter and as a result of their mindless stupidity a woman was injured.

“The fact that shards of glass were flying everywhere means it is a miracle neither she or the driver or her unborn child were more severely injured.

“This could also have caused the driver to lose concentration and cause an accident on a busy motorway, so the consequences of their thoughtless actions could have been far-reaching indeed.

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