Please join me in officially welcoming the lovely Sarah to team Tappy

Areas of Expertise: Counselling, Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sound Therapy and a vast range of Complementary Healing modalities.


Sarah enjoys helping others by using a combination of helpful resources, she has pulled together many skills to fulfil her dream in helping others, both emotionally and practically with life changes, rehabilitation and transition. Sarah is a qualified practitioner, using a unique blend of intuitive Counselling and Mentoring skills, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Sound Therapy and a vast range of Complementary Healing modalities.


Sarah’s ability to connect with others has developed naturally during her career, working with children and adults who have physical and mental health struggles, and more recently with a charity that support’s victims of crime.  Sarah specialises in mentoring, sharing de-stress and coping techniques, LGBTQ understanding and support, exploring self and limitations through therapeutic art and sound therapy. All enable her to help people overcome many symptoms, ranging from behaviour difficulties, a sense of loss, chronic pain, long standing unwanted habits and upset, insomnia, energy blockages, anxiety and low mood and also promoting positive relaxation methods for all ages adding some much-needed rejuvenation and calm into someone’s daily life.


“ I believe the best way to share a coping technique is to really understand the core of the issue first, start from what matters and lend a hand to explore what will work for you in a safe and supportive environment.  The techniques I use are ones that can be used anywhere, from in the school playground to a job interview, to dealing with stress. We should all have a ‘coping tool box’ within us to hand, techniques we trust, that you know work well and that are uniquely useful for you as an individual person.” Sarah


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