A poem by Joe, a very special young man

Background to the poem

Warning- please be careful as this may be upsetting to you!!!

It was for English homework, to find an actual piece of news that interested him and turn it into a poem. Joe chose an article about a young boy, Thomas who was driven to suicide by bullies in his school. He was picked on because he spoke properly and was a smart boy.

It is believed that he may be the youngest boy to take his own life because of bullying.

The poem has a few minor changes to actual events but it still is a powerful piece that causes goose bumps just reading it.


Tormented over perfect grammar

The constant name-calling just built up this anger

I took my young life at eleven

My only hope is that there’s a better one in heaven


I tried and tried but the school wouldn’t listen

“Those kinds of reports don’t look good on the system”

They called me ‘gay-boy’ and ‘fatso’, it didn’t make sense

Strangling me with my own tie, the pain was immense


The fear made me skip class and ruin my education

I ran off the bus early and found mothers’ medication

All alone in my room why won’t they just let me be

My broken heart is stopping… darkness surrounds me


I am happy now, my pain has finally gone

Dad’s trying to save me, but he’s taken too long

I have peace now, and my time has finally come

I will always love you, Goodbye Mum.



Age 12



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