Tappy Twin – Tilly or Toby



Mood ring/necklace

Please add £5 for additional mood ring for TIlly or mood necklace for Toby

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Tappy Twins are a powerful addition to any Tapping time. Whether you are a boy or a girl Toby and Tilly are the perfect tapping companion. Parents agree that tapping with one of the Tappy Twins, has allowed them to introduce a playful way to reduce all types of anxiety in their children.

Tappy Twins may be used in various ways. Parents and their children are encouraged to use Tilly or Toby at home, to significantly reduce the child’s stress levels, as you use the twins as a surrogate during tapping. So rather than the child tapping on themselves, they simply tap on the Twins instead. EFT Practitioners also can use the twins to teach tapping points as well as a surrogate again during their sessions with children to significantly reduce stress during sessions.

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