Tappy Twins goes to Derbyshire

If you are a student or teacher in Derbyshire then Tappy Twins is coming to a school near you. Please welcome the amazing Kirsten to the Tappy Twins family. I am so thrilled that she has agreed to work with us. She is a real asset and brings a wealth of experience to help even more children across Derbyshire. 


Kirsten Ivatts

Is a mother of four children and one step child and lives in the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire. She is an accredited member of The Association of Meridian Energy Therapies, practising Energy EFT and EmoTrance. She also uses visualisation techniques, colour therapy and Energy Art Therapy in her methods to guide children and adults through emotional trauma and towards living from a place of confidence and empowerment.

Kirsten believes that stress, whether emotional, physical or mental, is behind most of the problems people have relating to their life and to other people, to animals or to their environment.

She has a passion for working to help children break through any restrictions or limitations, whatever the cause, that blocks them from being their TRUE SELF. She is also passionate about helping teachers to find a method to work with children in a way that is beneficial to all, and negates the stress that the Education System places on them.

‘My aim is to create a classroom environment that is pleasing, exciting and indeed magical for both teachers and children alike. For many kids school is the only place where they have interaction with an adult that is of a positive and supportive nature. When teachers are feeling the stress of teaching, and have no way to help themselves, children then suffer that lack of genuine heartfelt support that they need, because the teacher just can’t offer it! My aim is to give pupils and teachers the tools to work together to help each other and offer the support and friendship that is so often missing in the classroom environment. With this in place children work to a higher standard, achieve better results, want to go to school…….Everyone is HAPPY!’

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