Tappy Twins Meet Chloe Lukasiak

Last Friday Tappy Twins went to meet the lovely and talented Chloe Lukasiak from the hit program Dance Moms. After a long and tiring journey we were able to meet Chloe and have lots of questions about Dance Moms answered. She was so lovely and comes across as a perfect role model for any young person. Not only is she a dedicated dancer but she but is like any other girl of her age. She has full time school, the same amount of homework as everyone else; as well as chores at home to do. On top of all that she has to travel across the world and has a hectic schedule with her dancing and events. 

She told us that she lives a normal life as well as the extraordinary, that comes with being in the public eye. In fact one of her old teachers did not even know she was a very famous dancer. What I liked about Chloe is that her feet are firmly on the floor, she has not been taken away by the hype of being famous. 

We are looking forward to continuing to follow you amazing career Chloe. Thanks for making us at Tappy Twins all feel welcome. 


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