Tilly & Toby’s House


Welcome to our home. We are the Tappy Twins, Tilly and Toby, and this is where we live with our mum and dad. Our parents created Tappy Town as they are passionate about helping children feel good fast. We were taught how to look after ourselves and others, with the help of Tapping, from a very early age. So we decided as a family to develop Tappy Twins and Town to share this secret weapon with as many children as possible.

It has been a fantastic journey so far and every member has played a very important role in Tappy Twins development. Tilly has been a central figure in understanding what is important to children and how things should look. Mum brings a wealth of experience of working with children in schools and on a 1-2-1 basis. Dad uses his amazing creativity to bring the town together. It really is a family affair, which we are all so proud of.

How to turn your house into a Tappy house

When you teach your child tapping, you teach them that they have power to take responsibility for their emotions and do something about them. It instantly calms your child. We talk more about this on our video, we discuss how to teach tapping to children, a technique to instantly calm your child, and provide a useful guide for parents and teachers, who are a little hesitant and are not sure where to start. Click here to watch the full video.

Together we can do something very special for our children. When I say our children I don’t just mean those who grow up in our individual households and carry around our last names. I mean the children of the world-everyone’s children. I’m talking about the little folks of today who become the big folks of tomorrow and influence the direction of this planet

”Gary - ”Founder