Young People Workshops

Looking After the Mental and Emotional Health of Young People

Our Interactive and innovative Mental Health  and Emotional Resilience workshops are available for children & young people ages 4 – 18 yrs. All of our emotional resilience training and support provides practical strategies, tactics and tools to bolster mental, emotional and physical resilience in young people, teachers and parents.

We provide group workshops that are stimulative, interactive and practical.  All of our young people’s sessions are delivered in an age appropriate manner, to ensure complete understanding and maintaining a safe and nurturing environment at all times. Sessions can be held anywhere young people gather e.g Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Further Education Colleges, Community Groups, & Training Institutions, Sports clubs, Youth clubs etc.

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The Workshops We Offer Young People

Building Emotional Resilience

This workshop can be run as an individual workshop or as a series of weekly sessions, to encourage children to explore, understand, appreciate and love themselves more fully. It empowers and enables them to positively express their feelings whilst looking at ways they can Self Soothe & cope with life’s challenges. They will explore themes including; kindness, keeping feelings bottled up, taking time to be with others as well as having me time. The children will be learning techniques that help their bodies and minds feel better when worried, anxious, stressed or scared. 

Challenging Mental Health Problems

With 1 in 10 students each year suffering from mental health problems, this session aims to enable students to understand the various types of mental health issues. They will explore and discuss the impact on young people who are affected by these difficulties. Most importantly it will empower them to challenge mental health discrimination and the stigma associated with it.

Living with Mental Health

A child with Mental Health problems make them extremely vulnerable. In this workshop we offer practical advice and support to those individuals that are struggling with their own mental health. By creating a safe and encouraging environment, they can feel comfortable to talk about how their mental health impacts their daily lives. During the session we will provide them with their own mental and emotional first aid kit, empowering them to create mentally healthy strategies.

Positive Thinking and Boosting Self Esteem

During this session, we look to work with the students to support them in finding strategies to help eliminate negative beliefs and start to get the students to understand they are in control of themselves and their future, despite their personal circumstances. We concentrate on enabling the students to understand they can manage their state of mind at any time, providing practical exercises to use at any time they need to boost their positivity.

Confidence Building

The students can enjoy a boost in their confidence levels during this session by concentrating on what they like about themselves and what they have to offer. We also tackle the issues of labels and body image; and what implications they can have on people. Students will be encouraged to discuss exclusion on the grounds of race, age, disability, gender and cultural background, whilst students share their experiences.

Practical Positive EFT (Tapping)

In this completely practical session, we teach the students how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping). Tapping is done by tapping, applying light pressure or massaging certain points on the body to channel thoughts and energy while working towards saying positive affirmations. We help them to learn how to tap in a fun and memorable way. It is easy and quick to learn and then they have their own secret weapon to use when they are not feeling at their best. Tapping is proven to be 97% effective in helping to reduce stress, tensions and anxieties. It also helps to balance their personal energy, so students stay focused on learning. Students are also empowered and taught how to tap first thing in the morning to help eliminate anxieties for the day which leads to a positive mindset to start the day – a positive for any classroom.


Mindfulness is gently maintaining moment by moment the awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and our surrounding environment. When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune in to what we are sensing in the present, rather than dwelling on the past; or worrying about the future. Scientific evidence supports that teaching mindfulness in the classroom, reduces behavioural problems and aggression amongst students. It also shows that it increases their happiness levels and ability to pay attention. Therefore, we support teaching and learning staff and the students in learning how to tune into their own minds and thoughts. Therefore, having a positive impact on their learning behaviours.


During workshops, students will have the opportunity to learn the art of meditation. Once mastered, and with regular practice, students will see improvements ranging from their health and well-being to academic performance. By teaching our students the art of meditation, it not only makes their minds sharper, but it also moulds their potential to take it into the classroom making the learning environment more harmonious.

Healing with Art Workshops

These expressive art workshops are proven to be incredibly successful and enjoyable for young people of all ages. It encourages them to use art to express the things in their lives that they feel happy and grateful for. They completely focus on the positive creative expressions, whilst awakening their innate healing abilities. It also provides them with the opportunity to focus their conscious mind on the art, allowing for their emotions to be expressed either through the art or conversations had alongside the art.

De-stressing Your Mind and Body

This part of the workshop offers an introduction to stress. It discusses what causes it and helps the students to develop strategies that they can use to combat it. We look at tips to stay positive, as well as various practical relaxation and techniques to help our students to de-stress. All of which they can immediately use to their benefit.

Good Health and Stress

Student life is exciting. But it can also be very pressured and stressful. A lot has to be achieved in the limited time available. Stress is an ever-increasing issue in schools, especially around exam time, so we look to tackle it during this session. We look at ways to avoid burning out, how to effectively relax, and create healthy habits. The session finishes with a practical EFT de -stress exercise, which in previous workshops have been seen to be an aspect that the students love to do.


We work with students to identify different forms of bullying, including cyber-bullying, mobile phone bullying and physical and psycho-emotional bullying. Students will be encouraged to discuss exclusion and bullying on the grounds of race, age, disability, gender and cultural background, together with the experiences of those who have been bullied. Other relevant topics discussed will include peer pressure and conflict resolution. We use enjoyable role-plays and talk through creative strategies that could be used in the future. Our aim is to equip our students with the skills to handle bullying, where to find help and aid establishing a zero-tolerance approach to bullying within your school.

Recognising and Preventing Abuse

In this workshop, we discuss what the signs of abuse are and the various forms it comes in. The students are challenged to identify what are the suitable boundaries, to ensure that they and the people around them remain safe and respected always. By learning about common signs of abuse and what options students have, it can make an enormous difference in their lives and aid the development of healthy future relationships. The workshop also aims to empower our students and provide them with a trusted line of communication to support them through any personal experiences themselves or to help them support people who may be a victim of abuse.

Sexual Health and Awareness

We look to dispel the myths surrounding sex in this session. Alongside this, we look at how they can stay safe and handle the emotional aspects of sex, which are often ignored. It allows the students to discuss the factors that influence healthy and respectful sexual decision making. The awareness of STD’s is discussed in an interactive session, which serves to raise their awareness of what they are and how they can be contracted.

Healthy Relationships

In this workshop, we take a practical look at what makes a positive relationship and what constitutes a relationship that is not beneficial to us. The different types are discussed as a group, from their relationships with parents, siblings, friends and partners. We look at building communication skills and empowering them to use their intuition when forming relationships. A practical guide is given to help those individuals who find themselves in a relationship that is wrong for them and what they need to do to break those ties safely.

Understanding Puberty

Growing up is hard at the best of times. This practical and age appropriate workshop, helps young people understand what puberty is, what changes to expect and how they can be affected. We look at hygiene and attitudes to body image, always promoting a positive outlook, so they can feel confident with their bodies and the changes they are or will experience.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

This workshop enables learners to have more than a basic knowledge of drugs and alcohol, whilst addressing their possible effects. It is a very interactive session, where we use games and activities to deliver this vital information. The message is delivered in an engaging and thought- provoking way. We also introduce them to useful skills that can help them cope with a variety of issues.

 Handling Peer Pressure

The aim of this workshop is to help the children learn how to recognise peer pressure and develop ways to say ‘no’ if they don’t want to do something. With so much pressure being put on our young people in todays society, this is an important session to empower them to stand up to unwanted peer pressure. It enables them to accept it is alright to be different and not follow the crowd.

Understanding Gangs

This workshop to explore issues surrounding gangs – what they are and why they develop. We aim to increase their understanding of the warning signs of gang involvement for both males and females. We look at young people’s use of social media and gang-related issues. Our aim is to empower them to believe they always have a choice and they remain in control of their own future.

Online Safety

There are many different reasons why social media can be a dangerous playground for young people, form cyberbullying to far more serious reasons. This session seeks to raise awareness of the need to stay safe when online. It looks at the possible risks and dangers to be aware of; whilst having fun online.

Goal Setting

This workshop identifies why we set goals and starts to challenge what the students want to achieve in life. We also look at what barriers potentially could stand in their way. The key element here is to get them to think as big and beautiful as possible and then work out how they can achieve them. This is captured in a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) visualisation exercise, which gets a fantastic response for the students; leaving them enthusiastic and passionate about getting out there and starting to live their dreams.

Setting Your Own Goals

Continuing from the Goal Setting session, we look initially to get all the things the students feel they can’t do out of the way. This then allows us to work on the belief that they can achieve anything they want to, if they want it badly enough. We then jump-start the process with a 30-minute personal goal setting session and leave with an action plan and the motivation to turn their ideal vision into a reality.

Exam Success

Exams and tests are a big part of our students’ academic lives. Many of our students respond differently to them but they commonly result in our students feeling stressed and/or anxious. This session concentrates on enabling the students to understand they can manage their state of mind, providing practical NLP and EFT exercises to use at any time they need to boost their positivity, confidence and control last minute nerves. After all of their hard work preparing for the exams, we want to equip them with strategies to ensure that they are rewarded for this hard work.

Handling Exam Stress

This session looks at how to handle the stresses of Exams and the pressures to always do well. We look at what is stress and what diverse ways it can affect individuals. It offers practical advice and tools to enable young people to reduce any signs of stress, before it can get out of control. It seeks to empower them to be able to control their emotions and negative stress levels, at a time when they need it most.

Making the Most of Your Time

School and homework. Activities and chores. Sleeping and eating. So much to fit into a single day! This session looks to develop new habits and tackles how students spend their time. It gets them to take responsibility for what they do and when they do it. We tackle motivational issues, why we put things off and how students can make their life easier through effectively managing their time. It can also be a useful workshop for those students who are gifted in certain aspects of their development (e.g. sport, music, drama, etc) as it supports them to develop ways to manage their time effectively and therefore reduce any pressure or stress meeting the needs of all aspects of their learning inevitably brings.

Team Building

In this session, we aim to develop student core competencies in teamwork, leadership and using their own initiative. The practical aspects of this workshop help to empower the students to demonstrate their skills, build rapport and trust; whilst increasing their confidence levels. It enables them to develop their freedom to decide how they will accomplish their goals and resolve any issues that stand in their way in the process.

Achieving Positive Outcomes by Communicating Effectively

We have developed a workshop that concentrates on the various ways that the students can respectfully achieve what they want, whilst identifying how their External Behaviour affects their relationships with everyone around them. They identify that by looking at their listening skills and how they can control their reactions they can negotiate a positive outcome for themselves. One of the ways in which this is reinforced is through role play sessions, where our students have to use their newly learnt skills to achieve a positive outcome.

Overcoming Conflict

This workshop is about understanding what is conflict resolution, how they can work together to achieve a positive outcome for all involved. We practically look at how we can prevent making things worse and work together to find solutions to any issue. Another interactive session that aims to empower them to always have a choice and to be able to negotiate and make decisions that have positive outcomes rather than reacting to situations in a negative way.

Getting That Dream Job

This session compliments schools ongoing career advice by supporting the students in thinking about their futures. It looks at overcoming limiting beliefs and looks to provide tips to help them boost their confidence and skills to support them in nailing any interview. We discuss how the students can ensure they look the part and communicate effectively, for them to show why they would be the best candidate.

We provide both in-house workshops and open access workshops. Our open access training is open to individuals and groups and is held on specific dates throughout the year. Our bespoke in-house training is delivered at your organisation and can be tailored to meet your needs.

To book any of these workshops to support your young people please contact 03306 601274 or email

What Our Schools Say:

Tappy Twins has been a fantastic success here already and fits perfectly with our values in school. Our children love the sessions and tell us they are so much happier and self confident as a result of the Tappy Twins input they have had at school. We have noticed massive differences in the children we have put through this intervention. The Tappy Twins team could not be more helpful, flexible and supportive. Following whole staff training we are already able to expand Tapping across our large primary school. Tapping has become a part of everyday life in classrooms and helps promote well-being and to support positive behaviours within all classrooms.
Tappy Twins always goes above and beyond what is expected and the child always comes first. We would highly recommend Tappy Twins to every school from nursery to secondary schools, to help support their most vulnerable children, that have behavioural and anger needs; or any issues that they need to through to allow them to move on.