Tappy School

Feeling Good Fast


The School in Tappy Town is one of the newest buildings that exists. The old Tappy School was closed 50 years ago and became the Tappy Library – with all of the Life Books that had been written up to now being moved from Tappy Town Hall to their home in the new Library. It took the tappy residents 2 years to build the new school – but everybody was very pleased when they saw it finished. Standing high at the main road into Tappy Town, its twin roof can be seen for miles around when the sun shines upon it.

The school in Tappy Town has always been one of the happiest and most fun buildings the residents ever visit. It isn’t like any regular school… At Tappy School, both Adult and Children all takes classes together! And of all the things that are taught in Tappy School, the two most important lessons are held every Friday.

The first is the history of the emotion stone and why its glows the different colours that it does. The lesson teaches that each colour a stone can glow represents a different emotion or feeling that the stone is detecting. This colour chart is in every home and building of Tappy Town, so every resident can quickly find out what is wrong with another resident and help them feel better.

The Second lesson taught every week is probably the most important and that’s why the school is filled with residents every Friday Afternoon… Helping yourself and others to feel better fast!

Ok… are you ready to hear the Tappy Residents secret technique? You’ve got to be a really good person to know this secret! Its so special, that just before we share it with you we need to tell you why it works…

“Each person in tappy town has Energy! This energy is always with us and it is constantly flowing around our bodies!” Our energy is important, because when we don’t have enough we feel tired, annoyed, or even worse, angry. Our energy is recharged every time we sleep – which is why we often feel better in the morning if something has worried us the night before!

This is the reason that the magical emotion stones can glow different colours. You see, when a stone is close enough to somebody, it picks up on their energy level and shows the closest colour match. The main emotion stone is so big, that it shows a colour for how the entire Town is feeling!

Without knowing about your energy flow, it is hard to understand how energy can become blocked and cause a problem or bad feeling… So, now you know that each of us has our own energy flowing around our body, we can share our secret technique to feel better with you!

Our Secret Technique (and remember, you are in a very special group for knowing this!) is called Emotional Freedom Therapy. The technique is very very simple and is incredibly powerful. Tappy residents know that they can use it when they feel anything negative, or even when they have any physical pain or injuries.

To use the technique, all you have to do is get really comfy and imagine the colour that your emotion stone would be glowing. Really try to see the colour in your mind and see if you can feel anything in your body when you imagine the colour. Give the colour a number from -10 to +10. A Minus 10 (-10) on the scale represents a very negative feeling or a very dull colour. A big Plus 10 (+10) on the scale represents a very positive or happy feeling and a very bright colour. Using the scale is important, firstly to help you learn to identify how you feel faster, but also to look back and see any improvements in how you’re feeling.

The first step is to take three deep breaths, calming your body and allowing the colour to glow brighter in your mind. Keep the colour and the problem fixed in your mind, but be open to anything else that pops up so you can write it down to tap on later.

After the three breaths, you tap on these specific points on your body in sequence – this is one round;

  1. Top of your head
  2. Middle of your forehead
  3. At the start of your eyebrow, where it meets you nose
  4. At the end of your eyebrow, closest to your ear
  5. Underneath your eye, where you feel your cheek bone
  6. Underneath your nose, above your top lip
  7. On your chin, below your bottom lip
  8. On your chest, following your collarbone from your shoulder
  9. On your thumb, down from the nail and next to the first knucle
  10. On the side of your first finger
  11. On the side of your middle finger
  12. On the side of your third finger
  13. On the side of your little finger
  14. On the side of hand, opposite your thumb.

You don’t have to tap hard on each point, just use enough pressure that you can feel the tapping but don’t hurt yourself.

To carry out the secret technique, you need to practice knowing where the points are, so you can flow with them easily around your body as you think about the problem.

Keep repeating what is wrong, how it makes you feel, where in your body you feel it and what colour the problem is.

After one round of tapping, stop and look back at the number you gave the problem. Has the number moved higher? (if you feel better, then it has!). If not, don’t worry – just take another three deep breaths, try to quieten your mind and go for another round of tapping.

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