Around 200 years after the discovery of tappy town, the residents were visited by an elderly wizard. He had travelled for miles and miles in search of a group of people that he could help with his magical powers.

The wizard, cold and hungry, was accepted with kind greetings, good food and a warm place to stay. He enjoyed the hospitality of the Tappy Town Residents so much, that he promised to use his magical powers to build something amazing in Tappy Town to show his gratitude.

The wizard met with every Tappy Town resident, before finally meeting with the Mayor and his Family… Everybody was very excited about the new building in Tappy Town and lots of ideas had been put forward. They all knew that with the Wizard’s magic powers, this building would be different from any other in Tappy Town!

Finally, after many weeks of talking and planning, the wizard finally announced the building he would construct for them. “My Friends,” He said – “I am going to build you a magic Cinema Screen!”

With a giant wave of his hand, rock, timber and an assortment of seats started whizzing through the air towards tappy town, circling above the spot they had chosen for the new building. Like a flock of miss matched birds, the materials circled high above, before racing down to the ground in one great line. Exactly like magic, the things started joining together and the residents saw the building take shape before their own eyes.

At first, some residents didn’t seem that impressed – but the wizard soon calmed their worries. “This won’t be like any other cinema you have visited. You see, this screen has been enchanted to show a different film for every person looking at the screen. Before you sit down, you must imagine the film you want to see in your mind – and the magic cinema screen will play it out for you!

The residents of Tappy Town quickly realised how precious this gift was from the wizard. They all knew of the importance of thinking positively and seeing your goals as completed in your mind, but this magic cinema screen now offered a way to create entire future wishes and dreams – and to watch it all whilst eating popcorn!

Understanding that children learn in a variety of different ways, Tappy Twins have developed visual explanations of what EFT is and how it can help them feel good fast.

This method uses the latest version of tapping to ensure maximum results, on wide variety of issues. It can be used to work on issues that are bothering the children and help them overcome those things that are affecting them. EFT, or tapping, used to help create fantastic positivity for them and those around them; wherever and whenever they need it.

Watch Erin show you the points of your body that you tap on, to help you “Feel Good Fast.” Simply hover over the image and the pages will guide you through each Tapping point. Below is also a list of the points to help you:

  1. Top of your head
  2. Middle of your forehead
  3. At the start of your eyebrow, where it meets you nose
  4. At the end of your eyebrow, closest to your ear
  5. Underneath your eye, where you feel your cheek bone
  6. Underneath your nose, above your top lip
  7. On your chin, below your bottom lip
  8. On your chest, following your collarbone from your shoulder
  9. On your thumb, down from the nail and next to the first knuckle
  10. On the side of your first finger
  11. On the side of your middle finger
  12. On the side of your third finger
  13. On the side of your little finger
  14. 14. On the side of hand, opposite your thumb

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