The tappy library is one of the most loved places in Tappy Town. Once inside, the tappy residents can read through all of the town records – looking back over the 250 year history of the town and all of its ups and downs. They could see who had been crowned champion at the Tappy Annual Games and even what was served for dinner at the celebration party afterwards!

But the most important room in the Tappy Library lies behind a thick red curtain… A soft light can be seen rolling underneath and peeking through the gaps at the edges.
Inside stood huge book cases stretching up much further than the size of the library suggests, its shelves full of books, from new small hand sized books to huge old bound books that took two residents to carry down. These kind of books are much to heavy for Arthur, the old tappy librarian, to handle on his own!

But Arthur knew that the books would never feel the same to carry twice – these books were very special. Every time a new Tappy Town baby is born – a tiny new book appears on the lowest shelf of the library with a picture of the tappy baby on the cover! Arthur loves going back to the new books, to see how many pages had been added and to see how the picture of the resident had changed. For every year the tappy resident got older, their book would get thicker and heavier because these magic Life Books write the story of the resident they belong too… All by themselves! The books would never disappear – after a Tappy Resident passes away, their book continues to shine high on the top shelves of the library. The oldest Life books belonging to the first settler residents can still be seen shining today and are often taken down to read their stories at Celebrations.

Families are often seen going to the Tappy Library together, to celebrate birthdays by taking all of their Tappy Life Books out and sharing stories from their lives.

Please click any book title below for more information;

About Tappy Twins

postersTappy Twins was developed to help as many young people as possible to learn how to take control of their experiences and emotions. EFT or Tapping provides them with a tool for life; to help them overcome their fears, traumas and everyday worries. We use a combination of EFT energy based techniques to help maximise on the results we can achieve. Some of these include traditional EFT, Picture Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting. After several years working in Universities, Colleges and Secondary schools, Suzanne has helped countless teenagers to develop tapping and NLP techniques to help them master limiting beliefs, phobias and emotions. Having experienced so many sad cases of teens being badly affected by their childhood experiences, she knew that she needed to reach future teens at a much younger age, in the hope that so many of the traumas and fears can be avoided. As a result Tappy Twins was born. Tappy Twins is a family run business, which has been greatly inspired and developed by our children. We developed the Twins, Tilly and Toby, to inspire and educate children in a fun and interactive way. We understand that sometimes children find it difficult to understand or say how they are feeling; so the twins allow children, during group or 1-2-1 sessions, to interact with Tilly and Toby to express and understanding their emotions. We also understand that children learn and relate in a variety of different ways. So it was very important for us to communicate effectively in as many ways as possible with the children, so not only have we created the character dolls for them to use a surrogate but we have also developed posters, feel a scale reader, cd and book so they have a choice of how to learn the amazing techniques of EFT, in a way that suits them.

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to bring the Tappy Twins to as many children and teens as possible, as a self-help tool they can use as their “secret weapon”. We will help and guide them to discover that they have an inbuilt ability to change how they feel, anytime they want, simply by mastering the art of Tapping. Once the EFT process has been achieved, they learn that EFT can become a familiar, trusted ally in the daily lives of young EFT users as they grow into adulthood.

Aston Manor Academy highly values Suzanne’s input and so do our students, I don’t know what we would do without her and cannot recommend her services highly enough.
The practical tools make you feel quite empowered, thanks Lorraine.
Suzanne’s warmth and sincerity instantly reached out to our pupils. They were highly engaged and experienced a number of light-bulb moments; a pleasure to see
Thanks for all of your help, my grades have improved across all subjects. I now believe I can do anything I want to. Please do the workshops again
About EFT

What is Tapping?

Tapping is another word for Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is the fastest growing self help technique in the world. It is a simple tapping technique that is used widely as both a self-help tool and therapeutic treatment option to help reduce and often totally eliminate emotional and physical discomfort. It has provided emotional freedom to millions of people and it can do the same for you and your children too. It is an easy-to-learn acupressure technique that releases stress, sadness, anger, and other emotional blocks.

How it Works

It involves tapping on certain meridian points and works on the basis that the body’s energy system is disrupted by negative emotions. There are a few harmless procedures that involve tapping on various points of your body, whilst you process any emotional memories; that are concerning you. By simply tapping and focusing in on the issue you have whether that is anxiety, stress or even physical pain, you realign your body’s energy and the problem then disappears. Tapping doesn’t require any equipment, medication, or specific location, you and your children can tap anywhere to clear any frustration. It’s a simple technique they can do on their own, that will support you and your children for years to come.

How Tapping Can Calm Your Child

Together we can do something very special for our children. When I say our children I don’t just mean those who grow up in our individual households and carry around our last names. I mean the children of the world – everyone’s children. I’m talking about the little folks of today who become the big folks of tomorrow and influence the direction of this planet.

”Gary - ”Founder
When you teach your child tapping, you teach them that they have power to take responsibility for their emotions and do something about them. It instantly calms your child. I talk more about this on our video, we discuss how to teach tapping to children, a technique to instantly calm your child, and provide useful tips for parents, who are a little hesitant and are not sure where to start. – Click here for the full video

What is PTT?

Better known as the Picture Tapping Technique is a recent twist on conventional or traditional EFT. Created by Philip Davis and Christine Sutton in 2009, it involves inviting the client to draw sequential pictures about how their issues make them feel. We then use EFT (Tapping) on each picture, whilst focusing in the elements of the picture they have drawn to help clear a whole manner of issues; such as “I am not good enough”, stress and anxiety, trauma and low self esteem.

As it involves drawing, children of all ages love to use this technique, it also means that they don’t have to verbalise their issues. This can be particularly useful when we are working with any traumas, or something embarrassing and not forgetting something they feel not allowed to talk about.

The fantastic thing about PTT it is fun for the children to draw and brings them fast results on almost any issue. The pictures drawn can be extremely profound and very memorable, especially as the child moves towards resolution of the issue.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting was created by Karl Dawson back in 2006 and is a technique that allows you dramatically improve your health and wellbeing. One of the reasons behind its amazing success rates is that it allows you to access painful memories and transform these memories to allow you to move forward with your life and not be shackled to your past. It has fantastic results on both emotional and physical issues and once again works incredibly quickly.

During the use of Matrix Reimprinting, like PPT, a key element the process is the use of traditional EFT techniques. However, although it has evolved from EFT, it also contains some important differences. For example, in conventional EFT tapping on meridian end points is used to take the emotional intensity out of a past memory. However, with Matrix Reimprinting the memory is actually transformed. You can go into any past memory, say and do what you wished you’d said and done, bring in new resources, and create and transform the picture you have of that memory.

Whatever the issue the child is suffering from, Matrix reimprinting can bring phenomenal results, whereby the issue or trauma no longer affects them. Allowing the child to be the person they deserve to be despite their experiences.

What is EmoTrance?

Emo Trance is an alternative therapy to EFT. It is extremely good for emotional problems that children do not wish to speak about. It allows them to point to the part of their body that they feel the emotion, e.g. the stomach for fear, or the chest for sadness, and then, by using their energy and that of the practitioner, the ‘feeling’ can be moved through the body and out.

EmoTrance can also be used to experience positive energy flow. An example of this is using Sunshine Energy to feel good and buoyant (see case study in the library).

What is the Visualisation Technique?

We also use visualisation techniques that make use of a child’s creative imagination. This can also be incorporated with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and EmoTrance if needed. Using visualisation allows the Energy or sub conscious mind, to provide an autogenic habitat for the emotions to be cleared in, without having to necessarily rely on the ACTUAL events as a child recalls them. So once more a child can avoid revisiting the trauma, but instead deal directly with the emotional reality that is causing the stress.

What is Energy Art Therapy?

This is another powerful tool to help children. Instead of painting the bad feeling, as most art therapy leans towards, they instead ask their creative mind to give them a symbol for something positive that they would like to feel. This symbol is drawn on paper, and then coloured in any medium the child wants to use. Each step of the way we look at what colour feels correct and gradually build up a positive picture that a child associates with a positive feeling and can use any time they want that feeling as support. The symbol, and associated positive can also be coupled with EmoTrance to bring the positive energy into the body.

What are Thoughtfields?

Some children shield themselves from the emotions of an event and cannot feel the emotions in the body. Thoughtfields can be incorporated here and coupled with visualisations, so drawing on the power of the mind to begin the healing process. With Thoughtfields we can link positive feelings to the negative feelings with rainbow bridges, gradually changing the negative Thoughtfield until it disappears. As this technique progresses many children begin to feel where the problem is stored in the body, and so EmoTrance or EFT can be then used to move the energy and create a flow once more.

Case Studies

Using Traditional EFT

Case Study 1 – Working with children with Aspergers syndrome

A 10 year old boy, whom I will call Paul to protect his identity, came to see me with his mum to help control and manage his anger. He has Aspergers syndrome and ADHT, and had been becoming increasingly aggressive at times of frustration. As a result he was hitting out at his family, including his younger sister.

His parents had tried everything that had been offered to them but with little success. When his mum 1st brought him to my office, she was a little sceptical that EFT could help her son in anyway. However it did not take long into the 1st session to turn that opinion around.

Paul had begun to become very agitated and upset, being in an unfamiliar environment. Understanding that EFT is 97% effective when working with people with autism, aspergers and ADHT, I asked his mum Sarah if it was ok to try EFT straight away to help him calm down and feel happier. She thankfully agreed and we started to identify how and why he was feeling the way he was. We used tapping on specific meridian points as expressed how he was feeling. It only took 2 rounds of EFT until he felt completely calm.

I have continued to work with Paul in his home environment, where he continues to make great progress. His anger is now greatly reduced, as he is even getting to the point when he understands what his triggers are for him and tells his mum he is going to his room to tap to help him control his feelings. 

I couldn’t believe how quickly EFT worked for Paul; he is able to manage his emotions much better these days – thanks Suzanne for all of your help

”Sarah” - ”Birmingham”

Thanks Suzanne for helping me feel better. I don’t get so angry now, which means I stay out of trouble

”Paul” - ”Birmingham”

Using Matrix Reimprinting

Case study 1 – Phobia of being sick in public

This case study is about a young lady that is called Emma. Over the past few years she has developed a terrible fear of leaving the house. When she did venture out she always took a supply of carrier bags in case she was sick, so no one could see it. In fact it had got so bad when we first met that she was missing a great number of days per week from school and CAMS had become involved. Her fear had become so severe that she would become extremely distraught, tearful and physically could not leave the house. Obviously her parents were very concerned about this and it was having a huge impact on her development and in fact on the family’s everyday life.

During our 1st session she told me about how it has affected her over the past few years and how she actually feels sick in her stomach and has a knot in her throat; when she even thinks of leaving the house. We ran though some immediate tips for her to help her regain some control over how she was feeling, between our sessions. She learnt how to use positive EFT as well as using a breathing technique to help her calm down whenever she gets anxious.

During her next EFT-Matrix Reimprinting session Emma was asked when the Phobia started and what was happening around that time. The immediate memory that surfaced was several years before, when she was in year 4 at school. She was in the classroom and she felt sick but the teacher refused her to allow to leave the room. Consequently she was sick in front of everyone, and felt completely humiliated and scared. We used Matrix reimprinting to reprint this memory, where she could have whatever resources and outcome she wanted. As a result I am happy to report that resolution was achieved and we ensured that she held the new belief that “she can leave the classroom if she feels sick in the future, so there is no need to worry”. At the end of the session we retested the memory and she had no reaction to it at all.

At the beginning of our next session, upon testing the resolution from the previous time, she confirmed that she had no real reaction to the previous memory of being sick. We then continued to work on how she feels in the morning getting ready to leave the house. She reported that she feels sick in the stomach. During the matrix re-imprinting she dealt with her friend coming early in the morning for her to go to school. She said she waited for the knock on the door and then started to feel stressed and sick. We introduced the resources her echo needed and completed the session with resolution and holding the belief that”she can get ready at her own pace and doesn’t have to get stressed”.

During the next couple of sessions, I witnessed fantastic improvements each time. Rather than getting stressed every day it had reduced to a little wobble maybe once per week. So we continued to use Matrix reimprinting to deal with her limiting beliefs about going out. Each session concluded with resolution for Emma, who was growing in confidence every day and starting to get her life on track.

After the 4th session we decided to test just how far she had come since we started only a few weeks before. So we both went for an unplanned walk, something that she would never have done previously. In fact we went without the need to carry a plastic bag, in case she was sick. She continues to go out daily over the next week, without any bag or stress.

Where no other method that Emma and the family had previously tried, Matrix Reimprinting has dramatically reduced the intensity of the stress and nerves she had previously experienced. Several years of suffering has been overturned within 4 sessions. She says “I know I can do it and go out when I want to. I am looking forward to seeing my friends as I have missed out on so much”. When I asked how she felt about needing to carry a bag around with her, she said “There is no need to anymore as I won’t be sick anyway”.

We continue to work together to help her overcome further limiting beliefs but Emma is starting to live the life she deserves, rather than being a prisoner in her own home. She is going out every day for both planned and unplanned trips; something she would never have considered before her sessions. Well Done Emma, I am so very proud of you!

Case Study 2 – Children with Phobias

Izzy (not her real name) aged 6 came to see me with her mum Sandra, to look at how I could help her overcome her fear of dogs. So extreme was her fear that she would physically freeze and scream at the top of her voice anytime a dog was in the vicinity. Her mum was very concerned that one day she might get bitten by a dog, as it reacted to her screaming.

She described how she felt around dogs as though she was stuck to the spot and she just needed to scream to keep the dog away. She said she felt as though her heart would beat so fast she was worried it would pop and she wanted it to stop.

We decided to work on this phobia in a series of phases, the 1st of which was to help her control her feelings and reactions towards dogs. We used a series of EFT (Tapping) rounds, where Izzy was able to work through how she was feeling until there was little reaction left at all.

Over the next few sessions we continued to develop her reaction towards dogs, until she felt comfortable enough as to not scream or react in front of them. In fact this developed over a little time to where she actually wanted to go over and stroke the dogs herself.

I am so pleased to say that Izzy and her family are the proud owner of their own dog now and Izzy says she is her best friend. What a lovely transformation.

I love my dog she is the best dog in the world.

”Izzy” - ”Solihull”

You have made us all very happy as I had wanted a dog for so long and never thought Izzy would accept one but now they are inseparable. Many thanks.

”Sandra” - ”Solihull”

Case Study 3 – Student A (Age 16 Male) – ADHD and Volatile Relationship

This case is about O.K a 16 year old male who has ADHD and a volatile relationship with his mother. His mother sought me out to counsel him for his anger issues and told me O.K had previously been on medication but not anymore, he has experimented with cannabis and engaged with petty crimes. Mum told me in the referral form that O.K’s father was a schizophrenic but this had remained undiagnosed for the majority of their married life and due to increasing violence she left him when O.K was 6. However O.K was often left alone in his fathers care whilst mum was out working and would lock him in the cupboard as a young child scaring him with tales of monsters that live in the attic. O.K was tld by his father that a snake lived upstairs by his bedroom and would bite him if he left the room. So O.K would remain terrified in his bedroom until mum returned from work.

His father’s mental health escalated and things ended with him being sectioned and mother fleeing to a refuge with O.K. So O.K’s formative years were fraught with emotional trauma and distress. He has no existing relationship with his father who currently resides in a mental health care home, despite wanting to have contact his father has chosen to cut him off. O.K had lived at home with mum and step dad with whom he has a good relationship. However recently he lashed out at mum in anger striking her, this resulted in mum telling him to leave the family home. Mum arranged for O.K to be taken in by his maternal grandparents with whom he has a positive relationship and will remain there until he can work through his anger issues so he can return home. He loves mum but blames her for staying with dad so long and failing to protect him in younger years from mentally ill dad.

Session 1

O.K shared that he felt an overwhelming sense of anger towards himself first and foremost for acting the way he has and great disappointed in himself. He shared that he loves his mother but can’t control his anger. I asked O.K to describe to me his anger and what it felt like in his body. He shared it felt like a pain that hurt. I used VAKOG to support the process.

O.K described a purple triangle of pain stuck in his heart, chest and throat. I then proceeded to explain the tapping process and asked if he would be happy to try and tap these emotions away with me. He agreed and scored the feelings at a -7 to start with. I used his words as I went around. “This pain I feel, this purple triangle in my heart, chest and throat, I want this pain to go away. I give myself permission to let go of this pain, this anger and this disappointment in myself.” I did 5 rounds to reduce it from a -7 to a -4 then a -4 to a -2 then a -2 to a +1 then a +1 to a +4, he was happy to stay at that level. I ended on a resolution round- “I feel sad about what happened and want to be able to control my anger better. I believe I can do this because I choose to, and want to and I deeply love, trust and accept myself.” As we went through the rounds O.K who wears glasses tried to hide some water in his eyes, he looked sad but continued through the rounds and afterwards admitted that he had wanted to cry harder and more openly but felt embarrassed. I invited him to have a good cry, he sobbed for a while and then shared how good he felt. Like a weight had been lifted and wanted to try this technique again next session as he wanted to clear his anger issues with mum, and his sadness about dad cutting him off. Also to improve his self -esteem and stop lashing out at others. I told him we can address whatever he wants to over the next few sessions. He left feeling uplifted and with a spring in his step that hadn’t previously been there, everything about him felt lighter.

Session 2

Today O.K wanted to tap on his anger issues around his relationship with dad. He shared he had felt robbed of his childhood due to his mentally ill dad traumatising him from a young age and mother who seemed oblivious to it and kept him in that situation failing to protect him. He then admitted he understood now as a 16 year old how hard it must have been for his mother as she had been a victim of domestic abuse by his father for those 6 years and the main breadwinner as dad had been too sick to work. His emotions towards his father include anger, pain, sadness and rejection. I used these words to tap on and the initial score was -8. I went around several sets on each emotion starting with anger and pain, and ending with sadness and rejection. O.K moved from -8 to -6 then -6 to -3 then -3 to 0 and then jumped to a +3. We had run out of time so I left O.K in a good emotional state and promised we would continue through the rounds to bring him up higher as he wanted to get to at least a +7 to manage moving forwards.

Session 3

O.K seemed in high spirits he told me he had come to a decision and wants to write a letter to his father describing the pain and trauma he endured whilst in his father’s care. He said he doesn’t want to have a face to face confrontation but needs to let his father know the amount of pain he has caused his son and put it back where it belongs- to stop carrying that anger and resentment and blaming mum when really its anger at dad. I advised he think  through this carefully and speak to his mother about it for her support. He said mum is supportive and wants him to do what he needs to do. We worked through the pro’s and cons of letter writing, and what he wants to get across. O.K said he wanted to tap on his feelings of anger towards his father and bring it down so he could write and have his say more clearly. I asked if he wanted to pick up where we left off last week around the sadness and rejection but O.K said there is an overpowering anger he feels now that he has cleared away the other emotions. So I started to tap on the anger aspect- O.K scored his anger towards dad at -10, and as we tapped through the rounds exploring the anger and decreasing it, trying to let some of it go we managed to reduce it to-8  then -5 then -2 after a few rounds. O.K said he wanted to stay at this level so he can write his letter express himself strongly and then tap away the residual anger after writing his letter. He wanted to have his say and be heard. I accepted this and asked that he message me in between sessions if he needed support as he was due to write the letter during that week. Mid-week I received a message from O.K to say writing the letter had felt so therapeutic and seeing his anger and pain on paper was enough to shift his pain- he has sent it and feels freer now, not angry anymore. I said we can review next session his shift and progress made O.K agreed and said he felt a weight had been lifted.

Using Picture Tapping Therapy

Case Study 1 – Student A (Age 15 Female) – Anxiety of a friendship breakup

The student reports feeling that the friendship break up, she has encountered, has left her feeling confused and stuck in one place and not able to move forward. We had made progress in previous sessions using EFT but there still remained the feeling of not being able to move forward.

When questioned she said that she felt unable to move forward as there was she never got closure when they fell out and didn’t understand why the girl turned on her. She was adamant however that she had had enough of how it had left her feeling and wanted to move forward from the experience.

I then asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel then what would that picture look like” She drew the picture and then called it “Stuck” after initially calling it “Over reaction” and then changing her mind and turning the paper around.


She described the different colours and squiggles as her confusion of why things happened and also confusion of why she has let it impact her so much and made her feel “stuck”.

After completing the set up, we tapped 2 rounds on the contents of the picture and then after turning the page over I asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew this image below;


This image was a blue dot positioned in the middle of the page.

I asked her to give it a title and she called it “BIG” and then laughed a little and said well we can make small things big can’t we. I agreed it was a great title for the image.

We then, after conducting the set up phrase, tapped a further 2 rounds. I noted that during these rounds she had moments of realisation (from her body language, words used and tone used), which she commented on once the 2 rounds were complete. She began to add humour to the words she used during the round, which she had not done before.

As I took the image away she commented that she had “wasted too much time on her” confirming my observations during the tapping rounds on this blue spot image.

Upon removing the paper and turning it upside down I then asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?”

She drew this picture and gave it the lovely title of “Freedom” . She commented on the name immediately saying that she has been held back as a result of this girl; and now she felt like she had had to grow and learn from the experience but now felt free to move on without emotions she has carried around for so long.


Upon looking at this picture I asked “Does this picture represent resolution of the issue or do you think that more work is needed?” She saw this was definitely a resolution to the issue. With this in mind we went on to frame this picture with a rainbow combination of colours as this was what she thought were the perfect colours to use.

We then flooded the rainbow colours through the entire body ensuring that her heart got a double dose of these amazing colours as this is where she felt the issue. I then got her to send it out into the Universe.

We then reviewed the pictures in the order that she had drawn them and I asked her if the pictures were giving her any emotional reaction. She said she had no emotions about it at all. She felt finally free to carry on with her life without this issue and was glad to see the back of it.

I have rechecked with her today 2 weeks later, to see if there is any of the original emotion left and I happy to report that she said she has not even thought about it since and that there was nothing left emotionally at all.

Case Study 2 – Student B (Age 13 Female) – Feeling unheard over others

The student comes from a large family that has had a number of issues over the past few years. Today she wanted to look at resolving the issue she has with feeling that no one hears her over other people. She wanted to able to speak out and be heard with no one interrupting or her feeling she might say something she would regret. We have been working on various issues prior to this session and she had already made some progress but felt there was more to be done.

I asked her “if you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel then what would it look like?” She drew the picture below and called it “The Over Voice”

She said that she felt that the person within her wanted to speak out as she had things to say that could contribute to the conversations but no one is listening. As a result she puts up barriers so she doesn’t feel so bad and battles with both her inner and outer voice.

After completing the set up, we tapped 2 rounds on the contents of the picture. Once this had been completed I turned over the paper and asked “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew the picture below


Once drawn I asked her “If this picture had a title what would the title of this picture be?”

She called it “Strength.”

We then went through the set up before tapping 2 rounds as she explained what was actually in the picture, as we tapped. What was lovely to see in this picture is the transformation from the initial one drawn where she is much bigger and has the larger lines coming out of the mouth (representing her words/voice spoken). The fact that she has drawn them in this lovely blue could indicate growth or the fact that she is communicating. Also that the “them” as she calls them are not only much smaller but appear to have heard what she is saying expressed in the word oh. There has been a definite shift in the right direction towards resolution.

After turning this picture over. I then gave her another sheet and asked her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew this picture.


When I asked her “If this picture had a title what would the title of this picture be?” She wrote “Friends”

After setting up we then tapped 2 rounds on the picture and she seemed to relax in comparison to when we started with the 1st picture. Her tone of voice was also more level rather than higher pitched, suggesting that she was feeling more comfortable. Bearing this in mind and the image that she has drawn would also suggest that we were moving in the right direction with the process, which was lovely to see.

I once again turned this picture over and handed her another page saying her “If you were to draw a picture of how this issue makes you feel now, what would it look like?” She drew this picture.


When I asked” her “If this picture had a title what would the title of this picture be?” She wrote “Me”. Once she had written the title she then added a heart into the image. Which was lovely to see and the fact that she had used this green instead of the original black in the 1st image.

When we looked at this picture I asked “does this picture represent resolution of the issue or do you think that more work is needed?” She gave a huge smile and said no, that there was nothing else that was needed. We therefore then went on to frame this picture by me asking “If you were to put a frame around this picture where this issue has been resolved, what colour or combination of colours would the frame be” with her choice of “a golden flash of colourings”

Once she had this image in mind we then flooded the golden flash of colourings through her entire body. We made sure that her heart and her head got a double dose of this golden flash of colourings as this is where she felt the issue were. After which I asked her to send it out into the Universe.

Once completed,we then reviewed the images with me laying them out in the order that she had drawn them. I asked her then if there were any remaining emotions coming up as she looked at the pictures and she happily said no she felt ok. Once this process had been completed she actually said she was going to go into the class and make sure she engaged into the discussions.

1 week later during our next session, we revisited how she was feeling about the previous issue. She said she was feeling much more positive about speaking up. In fact she had offered to do the reading in her English class which she said she would never have felt confident to have done before.

Using Emo Trance

Case Study 1 – Positive Emo Trance.

Five year old Jennifer was not happy about going to school after the half term holidays.

The night before she had gone into her parent’s bedroom in the middle of the night telling them she felt funny in her throat and her tummy.
So on Monday morning she lay on the sofa, under a blanket not feeling well. The sun was really bright, a cold, frosty start to the day and I asked her if she would like todo a little exercise with me, that would help me out, to do with the sun. She brightened up at that and stood at the patio doors in full sunlight (it was -3 outside!).

I told her we were going to take the sunshine into our bodies and asked her where she felt it needed to go. She pointed first to her stomach and then to her throat. We began with the stomach and asked her to feel the energy as it went into her body. She said, without prompting, ‘Its really warm, almost hot!’

I then asked her where this energy wanted to go to come out of her body and she pointed to her bottom and then giggled! So I asked her to use her hand to guide the energy down and out, but she didn’t need to use her hand, she felt it instantly going in, though and out, and we kept this flow going for about a minute and a half. She commented on how fast the energy was moving, like a racing car, through her.

When she stopped concentrating I moved on to her throat. But she said her throat was all better now.

Then she proceeded to build an obstacle course around the lounge, talk about seeing her friend at school, and went off to school without another comment about feeling unwell, or not wanting to go. I think she went better than she ever had, and she seemed to have this amazing zinging energy.

I was amazed at how quickly this had worked for her, how easily she had taken that energy and healed herself. Kids are so wonderful to work with!!

Case Study 2 – EFT and EmoTrance combined

Michael’s Mum had noticed that he didn’t want to go to school every other Monday. He felt ill, usually stomach ache or sick feeling. If she sent him too school anyway the school would ring at some point before lunch time to say that Michael had been sick and she needed to pick him up. His Mum recognised that these were not real illnesses but a stress response to something at school.
I sat down with Michael and discussed school on Monday’s. I discovered that the school operated a two weekly timetable, and every other Monday the way the lessons were setup, was not to Michaels liking. All his worst lessons fell on one day.
I asked him what he felt when he looked at the timetable for the day. He said he felt sick and had no energy. At this point he couldn’t pinpoint an exact place in his body that he felt this, apart from a bit in his stomach. So we used EFT to Tap on his words. After two rounds he could feel something in his stomach and his throat. I switched to Emo Trance as it can be much quicker to clear blockages felt in the body. Michael placed his hand over his stomach first and I asked which way the feeling needed to flow. It needed to go out through his back, so we softened and flowed the energy asking it to release and go. This went very quickly and so we switched to the throat.
This took a little longer to shift, but it soon went down into his shoulder and out. We then looked back at the timetable. Michael noticed that there was one lesson he liked in the middle of the day, and the teacher in the last lesson was fun. We talked about the other lessons, and he found he now felt nothing wrong about them. They weren’t his favourite lessons but they weren’t that bad. We added a little positive EFT to lift the good feelings and he ended the session after 15 minutes feeling excited about this Monday.
Michael has had no reaction to Monday’s since and in fact has been better at doing and handing in homework since!

Meet our Master Practitioners
Suzanne Skeete

Suzanne Skeete

TAMT & Director of Tappy Twins
Areas of Expertise: EFT Accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner, PTT, Matrix Reimprinting & NLP Practitioner, Personal Development Coaching and Training, Business Coaching and Training.

Known for her infectious enthusiasm, energy and ability to help others to be exactly whom and what they want to be. Suzanne has worked with a huge range of clients, through her businesses Tappy Twins and Global Consultancy Services, from entrepreneurs to primary school children. She dedicates a great deal of her time working within Schools, Colleges and Universities across the Midlands, as a Personal and Business Development Coach and Trainer. She is enthusiastic and passionate about sharing and teaching children, how to use Energy Therapies for emotional healing, personal development and to gain powerful relief from the physical and emotional stresses of everyday life. It is her belief that people deserve to be the best they can be despite personal circumstances. Suzanne has a real passion for helping children overcome any challenges they face, enabling them to reach their full potential.

I believe that every child deserves to be a child and not exposed to anything that harms them emotionally or physically. I am always telling my beautiful daughter and husband that our home is our haven, where nothing and no one can make us unhappy. It is the place where we can all feel loved, be happy and feel safe and secure. The reality is that there are countless children out there right now who don’t have this right and are very unhappy and need someone to talk to and help them. This is why Tappy Town was born. It acts as a platform for any child to visit and get any support they need it, when they need it.

Suzanne Skeete

Lorraine Somersall-Weekes

Lorraine Somersall-Weekes

CPCC & Associate of Tappy Twins
Lorraine is a very passionate EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Certified Professional Life Coach.

Owner of evolve, a company dedicated to and passionate about reminding those who feel disconnected who they really are, and for those who are trapped by their past and self sabotaging limiting beliefs that they can, with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, create a life that they really want and rediscover their life purpose.

Lorraine now lives in Surrey with her two boys after repatriating to the UK after spending 12 years in Bahrain where she trained to become a Life Coach with one of the largest and most prestigious training schools in the world.

She coached many teenagers and families and she had the honour of coaching many female members of one of the royal families in the Middle East.

Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas

Associate of Tappy Twins
Nick Thomas, Associate of Tappy Twins, is an EFT Master Practitioner who is passionate about working with children to enable them to tap away any stress, fears or concerns. He has been tapping for several years now and seen just how powerful the results can be. Nick is never happier than when he has the opportunity to pass on the valuable tool to children, for them to use anywhere anytime they need to.
Kirsten Ivatts

Kirsten Ivatts

Associate of Tappy Twins
Kirsten Ivatts is a mother of four children and one step child and lives in the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire. She is an accredited member of The Association of Meridian Energy Therapies, practising Energy EFT and EmoTrance. She also uses visualisation techniques, colour therapy and Energy Art Therapy in her methods to guide children and adults through emotional trauma and towards living from a place of confidence and empowerment.

Kirsten believes that stress, whether emotional, physical or mental, is behind most of the problems people have relating to their life and to other people, to animals or to their environment.

She has a passion for working to help children break through any restrictions or limitations, whatever the cause, that blocks them from being their TRUE SELF. She is also passionate about helping teachers to find a method to work with children in a way that is beneficial to all, and negates the stress that the Education System places on them.

Alisha Uddin

Alisha Uddin

Tappy Twins Young Embassador
We are extremely fortunate and proud to have Alisha representing Tappy Twins, as our Young Embassador. Alisha is a young student, who draws on her own difficult experiences, in order to help other youngsters that need support. She is an active member of anti bullying mentoring scheme in her school, where she helps others to tackle bullying head on.

She has worked with Tappy Twins for 3 years and shows great maturity in everything she does despite her young age. Numerous workshops have been delivered by Alisha in schools, across Birmingham, where she helps motivate and inspire children of all ages. She loves to teach them how to use Positive EFT as a self help tool to the children, and the children just love her.

Associate Therapists

Dr Jo Jones

Dr Jo Jones

Jo trained in London, and has been a children’s doctor since 1994 and has worked in many of the major hospitals in the West Midlands, including Birmingham Children’s Hospital, gaining a very wide range of experience.

She is accredited by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in General Paediatrics (general kids’ issues) but her NHS work has been as a Consultant Paediatrician in Community Paediatrics which covered more specialised areas such as Disability, Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

There are very few children’s doctors like Jo, who are confident working with such a wide range of childhood and teenage illnesses, developmental and social problems.

She is a mother of three young children, and knows what it’s like to be concerned about their health, their behaviour and happiness.

Craig Trafford

Craig Trafford

EKF Regd Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym Consultant, AAMET Regd EFT Practitioner, Certified Stress Reduction Trainer, Education through Music Specialist, Married to Paula, Dad to one daughter, 20yrs, and two sons, 10yrs, & 8yrs.

I have been working in all ages, stages and areas of education (from pre-birth to 100+) since 1993 when first commissioned to design therapeutic music activities programmes for children with moderate to profound disabilities. I combine music, sound-play and sensory-integrating activities to help children and train their grown-ups to build balanced bodies, brighter brains and emotional intelligence. My daughter and I – then latterly my new family too – were part of the Winston’s Wish Child Bereavement programme for over 10 years.

I love what I do because it feels like play, rather than work, to me. I work in Children’s Centres, Pre-schools, Nurseries, Primary Schools, SEN, EBD settings and in Private Practice, Festivals and Wellbeing centres but I am not thinly spread – I’m like a good, thick strawberry jam that goes a long way.

Maria Fielding

Maria Fielding

Maria formerly worked as a Registered General Nurse and has had more than thirty years of clinical nursing experience. This has enabled her to understand the difficulties that people sometimes experience when talking about embarrassing or sensitive problems. She doesn’t judge people for the problems they present and her clients find her to be empathic and easy to talk to.

Now, having been qualified as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner for a number of years, she has wealth of experience to combine with the broad range of hypno-therapeutic skills. More recently she qualified as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT). She uses an integrative range of techniques which may include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Counselling and Psychotherapeutic skills, Parts Therapy, Inner Child Work, Cognitive approaches and EFT.

Jules Davey

Jules Davey

Jules is an accredited Master EFT Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner and a Massage Therapist. She brings a wealth of practical and personal experience and skills to Tappy Twins.

She successfully also runs ‘The Less Stress Company’ here in the Midlands and is dedicated to empowering children and adults to change their lives. Prior to this she has worked as a family support worker, with children and families in crisis for several years.

Jules has 3 grown up daughters, 2 granddaughters and a little fluffy dog called Bear.

Michele Moss

Michele Moss

Michele is an accredited EFT Master Practitioner who has amazing passion for helping children over come any limiting life experiences. She has over 12 years caring for children with Aspergers and ADHT, with skill and an outstanding ability to reach out them and make a huge difference to their lives.

She is never happier than when she is in the classroom teaching the valuable tool of tapping, so that children can help themselves at times of stress, unhappiness and anger.

A mother of 2 beautiful children.

Beverley Silverwood

Beverley Silverwood

Master Practitioner
Beverley specialises in Emotional Freedom Technique and is a Master Practitioner and Licensed member of The Association of Meridian Therapies. She is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner and also has an NVQ 4 Advice and Guidance qualification.

After experiencing 1st hand the simple, effective results from EFT “Tapping” she is hooked and now tapping is a natural part of her everyday life.

With over twenty years experience in teaching and working with young people, Beverley is excited to be able to share and promote the benefits of tapping with Tappy Twins.

Lil Niddrie

Lil Niddrie

Lil is qualified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); Clinical Hypnotherapy; Neuro Linguistic Programming and Reiki. She has a particular passion for giving people the tools to get the best out of themselves. Lil delivers a whole range of courses from Communication Skills to Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults up to Level 2.

For the past 20 years she has been a professional trainer at Denplan Ltd offering bespoke training to dental practices, mainly in the private sector. In addition to her role as a trainer at Denplan she is also an employee representative, offering confidential support to staff and raising issues on their behalf.

On a personal note, Lil has a wide variety of interests and loves new experiences. She enjoys the outside, walking and wildlife; travelling whenever possible and socialising with open minded and interesting people.

Emmanuèle Gervreau

Emmanuèle Gervreau

Emmanuele is an EFT practitioner with a passion for energy work . She works as an energy therapist, using EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy as well as Energy and Neuro-Vegetative Regulation. Also she is a Stress Management Coach and a Qi Gong and Laughter Yoga instructor; as well as being certified as a Feuerstein Method practitioner. Emmanuele brings extensive experience in training and education, having had a long academic career teaching French as a Foreign Language, English-French Translation, English, cross-cultural Studies and Public Speaking in English at various universities like Brown University/USA.

She has four fabulous lively sons and lives in a village in a forest environment just north of Paris, in France.

Philip Davis

Philip Davis

Philip has been a successful Advanced Practitioner and trainer in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Picture Tapping Technique (PTT) for over 10 years and has worked successfully with a wide range of clients and conditions, both emotional and physical. His background was in science, and then latterly in the computer industry. He is dedicated to helping people resolve the issues that are holding them so that they can re-connect with their inner peace and joy. He works full time at his practice in Solihull where he sees clients on a one to one basis, as well as running EFT and PTT training courses to help others become practitioners. To date, Philip and his partner Christine have trained over 1000 students.

Philip lives with his partner Christine who is also an EFT practitioner and trainer. He has one son and two grand-daughters, and is so grateful for the choices and chances that have led him to what he now does.

Natalie Menzies

Natalie Menzies

MAScS CL, Dip kore, MFHT
Natalie is a successful accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner, Clinical Acupuncturist and KORE Therapy Consultant with a passion for natural health.

Natalie’s ability to combine many aspects of Traditional Chinese Theories with modern Western Health techniques uniquely allows her to not only treat the symptoms of ill health and emotional hurt but to find the root cause allowing the body to heal and recover leaving you physically and mentally stronger and more confident.

Natalie’s passion for alternative therapies began over 10 years ago as a client. She was astounded at the effect it had on both a physical and emotional level. Her personal experience makes her the dedicated therapist she is today treating clients of all ages and from all walks of life but with devotion for treating and supporting children.


1 in 4 children experience anxiety and depression
1 in 10 children are diagnosed with a mental health disorder


Book 5 Sessions and get 1 FREE!


Tappy Twins continue to provide group workshops and 1-2-1 consultations for children, in a safe and friendly environment, to help overcome a wide variety of issues. We are now also tapping with clients all over the world via Skype! We offer private and family tapping sessions in the privacy and convenience of your own home or within your school. Many prefer EFT sessions in this manner as they don’t have to leave the house or school, and merely spend an hour session tapping to feel good fast. Learning techniques that release stress, sadness, anger, and other emotional blocks.
Through the delivery of 1 hour interactive group or 1-2-1 workshops, we look at helping the children tackle their exam stress, lack of confidence, self esteem, self belief and the motivational aspects of their development. By working on these areas they feel confident enough to strive for their goals, whilst understanding how they will get there. As they carry forward their newly learnt skills, they are personally armed with the tools they need to become the person they want to be, rather than the person that they are expected to become.

To book a group or family session please complete the form here

Each 1-2-1 private consultation is led by you but with appropriate guidance from me to make sure we find and resolve all of the important issues affecting your or your child’s well-being.

They usually last about an hour per session, and can be conducted in the privacy of your own home or via Skype; which ever you feel you and your child would feel most comfortable. Having worked with children with specific needs over several years, we understand the importance of them feeling as comfortable as possible, in their usual surroundings.

To arrange an appointment or to make further enquiries please complete the form here

Tappy Twins help can also be enjoyed using one2one EFT therapy by telephone consultations. This service is available to clients from around the world who may not have home computer facilities. EFT therapy by telephone consultations, just like the online webcam consultations, have proven to be very effective. Also since I call you directly there are no additional call charges made by you.

To arrange an appointment or to make further enquiries please complete the form here

Tappy Twins also offer EFT online therapy consultations using the free Skype™ video call system. All you need is access to a computer with a webcam to use this service. Once you have installed Skype at you are ready to go. This allows us to talk and see each other, as if we were sat in the same room for completely effective consultations.

As with face2face consultations, each EFT online therapy consultation is led by you; with appropriate guidance from me to make sure we find and resolve all of the important issues affecting the client’s well-being.

To arrange an EFT online therapy consultation or to make further enquiries about our online services please complete the form here.

EFT for Specific Issues

Tapping is helpful for a wide range of children’s issues and provides them with their very own secret weapon to use for anything, at anytime and anywhere they need help. It also provides a valuable addition to any parent or teachers toolkits.

Some of the areas that Tappy Twins can help are:

  • Emotional issues: Depression, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, separation anxiety
  • School issues: Stress, bullying, test and exam anxiety
  • Fears: such as fear of dogs, the dentist, public speaking and fear of heights
  • Phobias: Flying, spiders, Heights
  • Sleeping issues: bedwetting. Nightmares, fear of the dark and night walking
  • Learning difficulties: dyslexia, asphergers, autism and ADHT

A key thing to remember however is that before any parent or teacher is going to help their children with their emotions that they must first work on themselves for their own emotions. It is very important that we are emotionally clear when we are going to help or support someone else in any setting. The more emotionally clear we are, the more present we are going to be to those we are serving.

A family can be really affected by the effects anxiety can have; and as we all know it can show itself in many ways. At some time or other all families go through anxieties and stress of some description but additional pressures are put on families that have children with specific needs. We have had some fantastic results in this area where the children and their families are now using EFT regularily to help control emotions and extreme behaviour patterns.

Parents of high anxiety children, marked with labels such as OCD, Autism and Asbergers, can feel so helpless and hopeless when dealing with a child with anxiety. Medications don’t always work; health care can leave parents frustrated and angry. The support available to them seems non existent or hard to access. So EFT has proven to be an effective, pain free and drug free alternative. Read our case studies

Introducing Positive EFT

With positive EFT, we tap on the meridian points but rather than working on a specific issue, we use positive affirmations to help bring positive energies to your body. It allows you to feel more in control of your emotions. For example if you or your children are feeling a little low why not tap it away in a positive way.

As a result it is not necessary to dig around the traumas of their, or your past. It is quick and easy to use and is an amazingly powerful tool to master. After a few short rounds of Positive EFT it completely transforms the way you feel, allowing you to control your feelings more and stay positive for longer periods of time.

Our Positive EFT sessions are about empowering you to feel the best about yourself and what ever is going on in your life at the time. Allowing you and your children to be happy and have a positive influence on those people around them.

The History of EFT

EFT was developed by Gary Craig around the early 1990’s, and continues to be developed and refined by practitioners around the world. It is perhaps one of easiest forms of Meridian Energy Techniques to learn that is now available, EFT is based on TFT (Thought Field Therapy), which was discovered by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan in the 1980’s. While Callahan developed the basic concept and structure, Craig was the one who possessed the vision to refine it and make it accessible to everyone to benefit from. He also, along with many other therapists working in this field, began to realize the broader possibilities for EFT. As a therapeutic technique there is little else to equal its simplicity and effectiveness. Many experienced therapists now report typical success rates of up to 97% for many conditions.

EFT is now the most influential and widely known Energy Psychology method in the world. At present, Tapping plays a leading role in a revolution in psychology. Over the past 50 years it has developed from Acupuncture to Meridian Tapping. The Meridian based approaches are now used all around the world. Originating in the East and spread across to the West during this period of time.

In the future, it is likely that Meridian Tapping in all its major forms, including EFT, will radically change the psychological treatment for traumas as well as for numerous other emotional problems. Both of which were previously only considered treatable by partially effective treatments, carried out over a long period of time. The prospects of future health care are changing and it is very exciting to be part of it.

Celebrities using EFT

Celebrities using EFT

MadonnaMadonna – Superstar singer Madonna is a big fan of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Naomie HarrisNaomie Harris – A global star as the Bond girl in Skyfall and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom uses EFT to conquer her nerves about giving speeches.To read more: click here (opens in new window)

Naomie Harris Fernando Alonso – Two-time Formula 1 world champion was spotted on qualifying day of the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix tapping on EFT points on his hand whilst he was waiting for the next session to start.

Naomie Harris Whoopi Goldberg – overcomes her fear of flying.

Naomie Harris Lily Allen – Famous for songs such as LdN and The Fear, is understood to use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for weight loss.To read more: click here (opens in new window)

Naomie HarrisAlex Reid – the Cage Fighting uses EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to help him deal with the stresses and challenges he faces with his new found celebrity.To read more: click here (opens in new window)

Naomie HarrisMichael Flatley – “The Lord of the Dance”, has recently stated that it is thanks to Energy Healing that he is back on tour and dancing again, after no modern hospital could help him overcome his illness.

Naomie Harris Michael Ball – Laurence Olivier Award winning actor and singer uses EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to calm his nerves before going on stage each night.To read more: click here (opens in new window)

Top Stories

Top Stories

Not Giving In

My story does not really have an ending or even a beginning that I can remember. One thing I am certain about is that I have been on a journey. But not a journey with an easy path or route, not a journey where the destination was clear, not a journey that I thought I would finish…

This year for me has been so mentally, physically and emotionally draining. At times I felt the life and energy being sucked out of me. I used to say that I was a guinea pig in a very harsh experiment and I’ll tell you the reason why. Multiple things were being thrown at me without any mercy. For me it was hard to see beyond this. You know the overused quote, ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’, but after waiting some time for this ‘light’ to appear, I started to believe that the light coming was from a train travelling at a high speed towards me (which is meant to be metaphorical for my life at this point).

There were times where I was surrounded by so many people who loved and cared for me but still I felt lonely. This affected me greatly. I started to curl up into my own shell. Socially I was now awkward which was never the case. I could talk but i did not want to speak. I was stuck. I felt like I was screaming but no one could hear. Life at this point just became a routine like no real depth to it – eat, rest, music, sleep etc. I did everything because I had to. If it was up to me I would have been mute for a while and listened to Bastille on replay. I found it difficult to be happy and bubbly all the time. I felt like I had to be like this in order to make people around me happier, not myself.

I tried to help myself out after realising I needed help. But it was not easy. I talked and talked about my problems. I became tired of talking and I wanted to actually do something.

I’m not saying it was easy for me because I still go through it now. During this year I was quite paranoid and I took everything seriously…even a joke. I felt like people were talking down to me and were doubting my ability as a student, which really affected my mood even more. Even when doing my exams, I felt as though people thought that I was going to fail. I received my GCSE results recently and I was so surprised. The reason for this was because I implanted in my brain that I was a failure. It’s mind over matter. And this time the matter overcame my mind.

This year was crazy and I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget how supportive my family are. I’ll never forget the amazing friends I have. I’ll never forget how understanding and caring my teachers were. I’ll never forgot how I’ve reached this point in my journey. The lessons I have learnt cannot be taught in some poxy PSHE lesson. These are life lessons. I feel more wiser. You do not have to reach the end of your journey or the top of your mountain to feel like you’ve accomplished something. Every now and again I look back. It’s experiences like this that kept me alive, not literally but you understand. Life is what you make it. I’ve had a difficult year but would I describe this year as a mistake – No.

I have struggled for a year now and I still am. I was blind to how many people wanted to help me. I did not want their help because I could not help myself. I can’t really put a medical label on it.

I have achieved so much. It’s completely normal to praise one’s self. I am proud that even after all those sleepless nights and tears, I was able to overcome my biggest fear which was failure. Whether I failed on results day or not. I am not a failure. A bunch of grades on a piece of paper does not determine my self worth. Maybe in this society but not in my world.

So I say it again. My story does not really have an ending or even a beginning that I can remember. One thing I am certain about is that I have been on a journey…and it has not yet ended…

– Anonymous

The Clown Who Lost His Confidence

Once there was a clown called Chuckles. Chuckles was too scared to go on stage because he lost his confidence. Chuckles cried like this “Wah!Wah!Wah!Wah!” “I don’t want to go on stage but I have to because the audience are waiting! What shall I do?”

He went and looked around the audience but he did it very quickly.
Then he looked on the ring master’s ring but it wasn’t there.
“Oh no!” said Chuckles. He went to ask the lion tamer. The lion tamer thought he saw the jar in one of the lion’s cages but it was in fact a jar of water.
“Thanks anyway” (sigh). So he went to the acrobat. The acrobat was Russian so Chuckles didn’t understand him “Never mind.”

Chuckles had an idea, he went to the magician and asked him “could you use your magic to create a new jar of confidence?”. The magician said “Yes I will” so the magician took a jar out of his cupboard and said some words which sounded like a spell. So the magician gave Chuckles the jar, which was actually an ordinary jar but Chuckles thought it was a confidence jar so Chuckles went on stage to do his show and everyone clapped.

(Moral) Never give up

By Jacob John Hubbard
Age 7

The Lost Twins

One day Tilly and Toby received a letter saying, go to the local Tappy wood and find the far oak tree. When you get there dig a hole on the right hand side and you will find £500.

Both of the Twins looked at each other and thought about how the news stand might close down because they aren’t making enough money. So they went to the wood and looked for the oak tree. Suddenly a net came down. It quickly captured both Tilly and Toby.

“What is happening?” asked Toby Anxiously.
“I have no idea!” answered Tilly.
“What shall we do? Toby asked.
“I don’t know” said Tilly in shock at what had just happened to them both.

Toby quickly remembered that they had brought a shovel, so he decided to try and dig them out of the net. Meanwhile the Mayor of the town is starting to worry where they were. They have been gone a long time he thought, I do hope they are alright.
Toby after trying to break the net for some time had managed to cut a whole big enough for them both to get out. They jumped out carefully, and were free at last.

“Should we still find the money? “ exclaimed Tilly.
“Yes “ Toby said “ the news stand needs the money.”

Tilly and Toby got the money and brought it back to the News stand. Soon they became very famous in the town and we in the local newspapers and even on TV. Well done Tilly and Toby for saving the new stand.

Age 8

In Tappytown (the quiet town we all know and love) lived Nat and Matt (Natalie and Mathew) who were Tilly and Toby’s cousins. Nat enjoyed singing and dancing and applying lipstick to her little, rounded face whereas Matt preferred to have a kick about in the garden and watch match of the day.

One night, when their parents were out at a party, Matt heard something rustling in the bushes outside. He quietly snuck outside, being careful not to slam any doors, and found a note. It read,

Meet me at the big Apple
Signed, Anonymous

Who was it off? Why him? He decided that this was too strange and so he called his sister. Together they decided to visit this “anonymous stranger”. They ventured to the big apple (not New York but the statue in the middle of town) and found a mysterious figure dressed in hooded clothing with only his eyes uncovered. “This is for you; you must defeat the beast in the castle and get the sacred stone. It was taken long ago by a dragon…” he said as he handed them an enchanted sword. They didn’t understand why it had to be them. They went to ask him their question but he had vanished…

Together they travelled to the castle to find and defeat the Beast. Within no time at all they found themselves stood outside the Castle doors. Towering high over the two twins was the castle with its turrets reaching up to the stars. After circling the Castle they found a large whole in the side of the wall and cautiously went in. After hearing a loud noise they both jumped and ran upstairs to get away.

Stood in front of them guarding a yellow glowing diamond was the dragon. Its scales were purple and shiny with jagged teeth as white as snow. Smoke rose from his nostrils and they could tell that disturbing him was a bad idea. They were terrified. Matt raised his sword to strike the dragon and grab the stone when all of a sudden there was a huge FLASH!

He opened his eyes. He was in bed, with his parents around him. It was a dream. There was no dragon and no mysterious man. He told them all what had happened and found out that he had been in bed the whole time. Later on in the day he went outside to have a kick about when he heard something in the bush. There was a letter. That letter read,

Your dream wasn’t a dream at all…

Age 11


Age 9

Age 10

Top Poems

Save Me

They tell me I have no reason to feel this way
They tell me I have no reason to hide away and cry,
But they don’t know what it’s like to die
To be so far in the dark trying to find the light,
To run away from yourself.
Screaming please come save me;
But no one hears my whispered fears.
As I’m slowly drowning;
Silently kicking and screaming.
Wishing I was dreaming because there’s no way out.
I stop struggling and finally drown.
Prolonged by hope,
Which was all lost.
In that moment when nobody was there,
I found the End
And it was deserved. Yet I didn’t tell anyone
To save

Alisha (Age 14)

Tormented over perfect grammar

Tormented over perfect grammar
The constant name-calling just built up this anger
I took my young life at eleven
My only hope is that there’s a better one in heaven

I tried and tried but the school wouldn’t listen
“Those kinds of reports don’t look good on the system”
They called me ‘gay-boy’ and ‘fatso’, it didn’t make sense
Strangling me with my own tie, the pain was immense

The fear made me skip class and ruin my education
I ran off the bus early and found mothers’ medication
All alone in my room why won’t they just let me be
My broken heart is stopping… darkness surrounds me

I am happy now, my pain has finally gone
Dad’s trying to save me, but he’s taken too long
I have peace now, and my time has finally come
I will always love you, Goodbye Mum.

Joe (Age 12)

Story behind the poem

It was for English homework, to find an actual piece of news that interested him and turn it into a poem. Joe chose an article about a young boy, Thomas who was driven to suicide by bullies in his school. He was picked on because he spoke properly and was a smart boy.

It is believed that he may be the youngest boy to take his own life because of bullying.

The poem has a few minor changes to actual events but it still is a powerful piece that causes goose bumps just reading it.


Standing tall, with sharp claws

Frosty Shadowy with piercing dark eyes

In the middle of its old age trunk

Twisted branches and a bitter, stone heart

Filling its wrinkles with loneliness

Longing for a new creation

Louise (Age 10)

My Angel

My angel is there whenever I am in trouble
My angel is the one who guides me through life
My angel is the one who helps me achieve things in life
My angel cares for me in all I do
My angel chooses the right reactions I do
My angel is always there for me
My angel makes me feel good about myself
My angel chooses the right decisions
My angel helps me follow my dreams
My angel helps me go my own way
My angel makes me happy when I am feeling down
My angel is there when I am stuck
My angel is always with me
My angel, my world.
Erin Age 10

Scientific Support

Professor Tony Stewart appearing on BBC Midlands talking how effective he’s found EFT

Professor Tony Stewart of Staffordshire University, and is a specialist in public health, gave an interview to the BBC, Midlands Today, about his and Dr. Liz Boath’s work introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the NHS in Sandwell. The pilot involved using EFT on 36 patients suffering from depression or psychosis. Results showed that out of the 36 patients, 35 of them got better through the use of EFT. Since this pilot Dr Ian Walton of Sandwell Clinical Commissioning Group has sanctioned a further 20 people to be trained in EFT.

Deborah D Miller has been applying Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and other energy techniques at the Hospital General Dr Aurelio Valdivieso del Estado de Oaxaca, Mexico in order to help children with cancer.

EFT/Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms

The Biology of Belief: An Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton PhD is an internationally recognised stem cell biologist and a bestselling author of The Biology of Belief. He also received the 2009 Goi Peace Award as well as being a keynote speaker at international conferences. Dr Lipton discussed the radical implications of his research that will significantly change our understanding of life. In his vast and meticulous research in the study of genes, DNA and cell biology has found an amazing breakthrough in how our cells, bodies and mind works. The Biology of Belief is highly scientific in its content and thoroughly factual in the conclusions of his research.

Karim Nader talks about how memories are constantly being re-written by our minds

Karim Nader is a professor at McGill University in the department of Psychology. As a neuroscientist he works to understand what neurobiological processes are involved in acquiring and storing memories, especially relating to fear, in order to use the study of memory reconsolidation to treat anxiety disorders. Dr. Nader made a breakthrough in the field in 1999, when he first revived and tested the obscure theory that memories do not necessarily remain stable–think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Together with Andrew P. Hendry, Dr. Nader was nominated in 2009 for the prestigious E.W.R Steacie Memorial Fellowship. He is also the recipient of a CIHR New Investigator Award and in 2006 was named one of the Top 40 under 40.

Top Pictures

Top Pictures

All our Stars At Chilwell Croft Academy

Jenny – Age 11
Kelsie Age 9
Kelsie – Age 9
Charlie the Farmers Dog
Alice (Age 9)
Farmers Wife
Alice (Age 9)
Betty the Cow
Alice (Age 9)
Alice (Age 9)



Age 9