Tappy Bus

The tappy bus is the only vehicle that exists in Tappy Town. For hundreds of years, the Tappy Town Residents  ventured far away from Tappy Town to find new fishing or farming grounds – but only as far as they could see the bright light of the emotion stone… But the residents of Tappy Town knew they could do more to help people in other parts of the world, so the cleverest resident designed and built the first ever Tappy Bus. He did an amazing job, finding all of the different things he needed to put the bus together. All of the Tappy Residents helped paint the outside of the bus and helped stitch the seats inside.

The bus looked wonderful once it was completed. Shining the same colour as the main emotion stone, every tappy resident that saw it would smile. But there was a problem with the Tappy Bus. With it only being able to travel on roads wide enough and long enough – the residents were limited in how far they could drive. They knew there were more people they could visit and help, but couldn’t find a way of getting the bus to them. Luckily, the same wizard that build the Tappy Town Cinema often returned to Tappy Town to see everybody. When he saw what an amazing job they had done with the bus, he cast a magic spell… One that would make the bus Fly!

This magic bus can now fly to any part of the world, arriving in an instant. The tappy residents especially love visiting schools and nurseries, where they can show children and their parents how the emotion stone works and why it’s so important to feel good and to help others when they don’t.

If you want the Tappy Bus to come and visit your school – then all you have to do is write the name of your school in the magic wish paper below. After you’ve hit send, your magic wish paper sails through to tappy town – so the Mayor of Tappy Town can call your school to see if he can arrange a visit!

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