Tappy Shop

There is no money in Tappy Town, with every resident each taking it in turns to do the various jobs required. This way, every resident in Tappy Town has access to the same products – meaning tappy town is a very fair and equal place to live. Some of the residents of Tappy Town have very special skills (like building or painting – fishing or hunting) but these residents know that they must still do their share of the other jobs so that Tappy Town Runs Smoothly!

The tappy store is where each Tappy Resident comes to choose the things they need for their family for that week. As well as selling all of the Tappy Town food, the store also holds lots of cd’s, books and videos that are all about understanding emotions and helping each other live and work in Tappy Town.

Inside the Tappy store, you will find all sorts of items. From tools to clothing, drinks to food, everything you could ever hope or wish for can be found in the store. The store doesn’t need to have a huge warehouse or stock room – as soon as a Tappy Resident creates a desire for a new item they want – it magically appears in the store!

There are a few special items that have appeared after you arrived in Tappy Town – why not have a look at the gifts that the residents have gotten you?