The Emotion Stone

Image of stone

The emotion Colours:

Timmy Taylor was the first resident brave enough to venture into the glowing caves that he found at the lowest end of tappy town. He noticed that when he returned with friends to explore further, the colours that the rocks would shine were different. After some time examining the rocks, Timmy knew how important these caves would be… The rocks all glow a different colour to reflect how the closest person was feeling!

To mark this historic discovery, the strongest Tappy Town residents went into the caves to look for the biggest Emotion Stone they could find. It took 6 days and 22 Tappy residents to pull the massive stone they found out of the caves, but how brilliantly it shined once they had mounted it in place in the centre of tappy town. Everyday, the stone glows a bright yellow – reminding every tappy resident how happy the town is. Only once has the stone ever stopped glowing, but the Tappy Residents knew what to do, resolving the problem over the naming of the new Tappy Mayor by a vote for all residents.

Each resident of tappy town has their own jewellery carved for them at birth out of the rocks in the caves. Each piece of jewellery is unique to each resident and will stay with them for their entire lives.

Not only does the jewellery show how the resident is feeling by the colour it glows, but it will also Guide them home if ever they get lost outside of tappy town!

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