About Us

Soon after the earliest settlers found the big open fields surrounded by the low river in the mountains, the first major building they constructed was the Tappy Town Hall. They searched for the biggest logs and stones to start building, with everybody taking it in turns to fetch, carry, build, cook and clean. It took many years with basic tools, but the settlers knew this building would stand the test of time!

As Tappy Town grew over the years, the Town Hall became the home of the Mayor of Tappy Town and his family. Every week, they would celebrate in the great hall with all of the residents of tappy town – with a big party and every kind of food you could imagine.

The town hall is also where all of the big decisions in Tappy Town are made. Every month, the Tappy Residents each visit the Town Hall to talk with the mayor and give their ideas. After everybody has visited, the Mayor takes the 4 most popular ideas and all of the Tappy Residents vote to choose the best.

The settlers first used this building to carve the earliest emotion jewellery that they discovered in the Emotion Stone Caves, so that all of the residents that lived in the new Tappy Town would all know how their friends and family were feeling at any time. It was this tradition that gave Tappy Town its Motto: “if you see a stone that glows not bright, find the tappy resident and help them feel alright”