Worry Windmill

We all need a little help from time to time, when things make us feel sad and worried. Sometimes we can all find it difficult to talk to people about it. The Worry Windmill is here to help. Signing up to Tappy Towns Worry Windmill is quick, free and confidential. It allows you to speak to someone, who will help you with whatever is worrying or upsetting you.

We will listen to you and let you take your time in explaining what is upsetting you. Whether you are being bullied, worried about a test or exam or anything else that is worrying you Suzie, with her special helpers, are all trained to be able to help you when you need it; and hopefully making you “feel better fast”.

You have already taken the courage to enter the Worry Windmill, so let us know what is worrying you now and we will be very happy to help you. Ask Suzie (Tilly and Toby’ mum) and her special helpers anything you want, big or small. Write a message to them here and they will answer it. This is what some other children had to say after speaking to us:

Alisha Uddin

Alisha Uddin

Tappy Twins Young Embassador
We are extremely fortunate and proud to have Alisha representing Tappy Twins, as our Young Embassador. Alisha is a young student, who draws on her own difficult experiences, in order to help other youngsters that need support. She is an active member of anti bullying mentoring scheme in her school, where she helps others to tackle bullying head on.

She has worked with Tappy Twins for 3 years and shows great maturity in everything she does despite her young age. Numerous workshops have been delivered by Alisha in schools, across Birmingham, where she helps motivate and inspire children of all ages. She loves to teach them how to use Positive EFT as a self help tool to the children, and the children just love her.

Thanks Suzanne for helping me feel better. I don’t get so angry now, which means I stay out of trouble

”Paul” - ”Birmingham”

I am no longer scared of dogs after speaking to you. I love my new dog she is the best dog in the world

”Izzy” - ”Solihull”

Life is getting a little better thank you

”Fiona” - ”Wolverhampton”