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About the Awards

The Courageous Kids Awards 2016 is our annual red carpet and black-tie event. We are proud that a number of amazing companies already support the Awards, along the lines of mclcreate, Switch Radio, Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Clements and Church (Solihull) and Charity Fundraising Auctions. This year’s event will be hosted by the magnificent TV and Radio Presenter and Producer Monica Price. Joining us will be some very special guests including Kyle McFarlane, Tom Bleasby and auctioneer Hamilton Bland.

The dinner and business awards evening includes a drinks reception (at 6pm), 3-course dinner and entertainment with a fantastic opportunity to host clients/customers/your staff and to network with other dinner guests. The awards will begin with the opportunity to hear from a key note speaker, followed by the young people’s awards celebrations. There are 15 Categories which can be sponsored.


The Event

12th November 2016 from 6pm – 12pm – Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Beginning with a drinks reception, followed by dinner and the awards ceremony, hosted by television presenter Marverine Cole. Our sponsors, judges, organisers, children and the press will come together to share, network, celebrate, make memories and start new chapters. We hope the evening will be the catalyst for amazing journeys, opportunities and relationships.


  • Judi Strange MBE – Ambassador and Child Advocate
  • Monica Price – Television Presenter / Television Producer at Big Centre TV
  • Henrik Court – Director of events for Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce
  • Kyle Mcfarlane – Birmingham City Football Player
  • Michael Jones – Clements and Church (Solihull)
  • Leigh Perry – Founder of Dorridge Music School & Business Woman of the Year 2016
  • Nicholas Bailey – Actor and CEO of Legacy360

Sponsorship Packages & Options

There is a range of bespoke solutions to match any CSR or marketing budget you may be generous enough to allocate. Personal donations will of course be gratefully received and make a huge difference to the event and the lives of our children. Or indeed, just show your support by joining us on the night and spreading the word.

We recognise that in order for sponsors to maximise their involvement, we may need to explore alternative suggestions and creative solutions. We welcome input fromsponsors that can add value and enhance the guest experience.


  • Branding in all pre-event, on the night and post event marketing including awards programme and media banner
  • Editorial feature in Switch Radio (c.45,000 business contacts)
  • Company name included in all media releases
  • Table of ten places in the front row of the dinner hall (normally £450)
  • A glass of champagne for your guests at your table
  • A bottle of red and white wine on your table
  • Opportunity to present an award on the night
  • Opportunity to purchase an additional table of ten with a 10% discount


  • Branding in pre-event, on the night and post event marketing including awards programme and media banner
  • Editorial feature in Switch Radio (c.45,000 business contacts)
  • Company name included in media releases
  • Table of ten places near to the stage (normally £450)
  • Choose which award you would like to sponsor (subject to availability)
  • Opportunity to present an award on the night
  • Opportunity to purchase an additional table of ten with a 10% discount


  • Branding in pre-event, on the night and post event marketing including awards programme and media banner
  • Editorial feature in Switch Radio (c.45,000 business contacts)
  • Company name included in media releases
  • Opportunity to have a table and three pull-up banners in the drinks reception
  • Five places at the event (normally £500)


  • Branding on the night including awards programme and media banner
  • Editorial feature in Switch Radio (c.45,000 business contacts)
  • Company name included in media releases
  • Opportunity to have a ‘table talker’ on each table (provided by the sponsor)
  • Two places at the event (normally £100)

The Categories 2016

  • Outstanding Bravery Award – Boys
  • Motivational Award
  • Shining Example Award
  • Most Achieved Award
  • Most Improved Behaviour Award
  • Drive and Determination Award
  • Overcoming Adversity Award
  • Outstanding Bravery Award – Girls
  • Spirit and Heart Award
  • Positive Attitude Award
  • Positive Influence Award
  • Young Child of Courage Award
  • True Inspiration Award
  • Endeavour Award
  • Ultimate Courageous Kids Award 2016


The Awards also invite potential sponsors to assist on a variety of other enhancing elements including the Drinks Reception, provision of content for goody bags,entertainment, winners’ prizes, print etc.

What we need from you…

Once you have decided on a suitable package, to maximise your exposure please supply as soon as possible:

  • A high resolution version of your logo
  • 100-200 words of copy about your organisation
  • A URL address for your website in order that we can organise a link
  • A URL for any social media sites you use and any Twitter tags
  • A quote about your involvement for our press releases
  • A pop up banner to be displayed at the event

Additional Information:

For additional information about any aspect of the event, please contact:

Suzanne Skeete
03306 601274 / 07507 228319


Individuals can book places for the black tie event here:

We look forward to your company as we celebrate these amazing children.

Thank you.

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Our production partner

The incredible mclcreate will set the room alive. Thanks to all the amazingly talented team for all your support.

Current Sponsors


Contact Details:

Suzanne Skeete
03306 601274 / 07507 228319


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