School Feedback

Tappy Twins has been a fantastic success here already and fits perfectly with our values in school. Our children love the sessions and tell us they are so much happier and self confident as a result of the Tappy Twins input they have had at school. We have noticed massive differences in the children we have put through this intervention. The Tappy Twins team could not be more helpful, flexible and supportive. Following whole staff training we are already able to expand Tapping across our large primary school. Tapping has become a part of everyday life in classrooms and helps promote well-being and to support positive behaviours within all classrooms.
Tappy Twins always goes above and beyond what is expected and the child always comes first. We would highly recommend Tappy Twins to every school from nursery to secondary schools, to help support their most vulnerable children, that have behavioural and anger needs; or any issues that they need to through to allow them to move on.
Tappy Twins is recommended to schools who wish to support their children with behaviour, self – esteem and anger issues.
The practical tools make you feel quite empowered, thanks Lorraine.
I will use the technique myself now. It will help so many of our children as well. It was a really worthwhile sessions.
During one of the workshops a student was moved to tears as a result of Suzanne’s insightful and revealing activities. Afterwards, the student appealed to Suzanne for extra support and they have since completed a number of one-to-one sessions.

Student Feedback

The techniques to help me stop getting angry help me so much thank you. You are the best for helping me through tough times.
Thanks for all of your help, my grades have improved across all subjects. I now believe I can do anything I want to. Please do the workshops again
It amazes me to think that I have got through this tough year with the help of Suzanne. I no longer feel that I have to suffer in silence; I now have the confidence to ask for help. I think for someone especially like me, to be able to open up and feel genuinely better after I come out of every session, is absolutely astounding in my opinion. These sessions are clearly effective.
I have genuinely found the sessions useful and it was comforting to have someone to talk to, who made me feel more positive about my situations.
I’m more confident & healthy as now very happy. I can now keep calm and don’t get distracted in class. Thanks the sessions were great.
I didn’t have a lot of confidence and now I do. Thanks for the help
I found the tapping useful because it helps me a lot.

Parent Feedback

My daughter has been transformed since her sessions with you. She has gone from not leaving the house and missing so much school to a happy young lady that is excited about her future. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for the work that Tappy Twins have done with my son, I genuinely feel thankful that my child now has the capability to manage his emotional wellbeing in a positive and productive way, to the extent where I feel I have my child back. I will never be able to show the extent of my gratitude to you.
She appears to be much calmer on a day to day basis and is blowing up far less frequently that before, it is a more rare event now, whereas sometimes was a daily occurrence and sometimes several times a day. She seem more aware of when she is getting angry and able to calm down using some of the calming techniques that you have taught her. She is able to re-centre herself and calm down without the explosions we had before.

Secondly, she is far happier in herself and is less anxious than before.

Thanks for the work and support that you have given her thus far.